Young and Hungry at CrossFit ASAP

CrossFit ASAP

Dorian Medina graduated from Sacramento State University in California in 2015. Having been a student athlete, Medina was used to grueling workouts executed with a team. And after graduating, lifting in a gym with no one else other than the artists playing through his headphones to join him, he knew this needed to change.

Medina found CrossFit by way of a fraternity brother introducing him to toes to bar and butterfly pullups one day. He eventually began attending classes at a Box and was hooked. 

Three years later, Medina is now an assistant Coach at CrossFit ASAP, an Affiliate with four locations in California. The gym is looking to open its fifth location, where Medina will take over the manager position. He explained as time has progressed, so has his interest in the business side of CrossFit, as he quickly saw the correlation between a healthy business and creating healthy athletes.

“Being involved in CrossFit just builds so many character traits in people,” said Medina. “If someone can perform a grueling workout, they can tackle so many life obstacles outside the gym. That is so important as far as mental health goes. It’s much further than the physical benefits. This can only be accomplished by having successful Coaches and staff running healthy classes and a healthy business.”v

During that three-year period from graduation until becoming an assistant Coach at CrossFit ASAP, Medina had to put in some hard years to make his dreams work. He was bouncing from gym to gym coaching free classes when needed and taking internship positions during his downtimes. Finally, he knew he had to get a paid position in order to keep making this passion a reality.

“I contacted Anthony Malta, the owner of CrossFit ASAP, and sent him my resume,” said Medina. “The next day I was driving to his location. I coached a morning class and he talked requirements with me, and then I was coaching the next day. It is crazy how fate can change your life course.”

Presently, Medina is assisting in creating a value at CrossFit ASAP that can’t be matched by other gyms. From simple customer service initiatives, like an iPhone charging station and towel service, to hosting events to raise money for local charities, ASAP is working to add value across the board at the gym. 

“A lot of people think of our gym as their home away from home, and when they come here it is the best hour or two of their day,” said Medina. “So, we try to provide the most value in regards to that.” 

CrossFit is an evolving industry, with many people like Medina who are young and hungry to grow businesses to maximum potential. His words of advice for Coaches out there like him: Prepare to do a lot of things for free and put in work. 

“The owners of each Box have a family and are trying to make their dream work, so paying extra for another person is hard for them,” said Medina. “If working for free for a bit is something you aren’t willing to do, you possibly need to refocus and evaluate your goals. Go gym to gym and take your resume. Keep grinding and hustling, but if you don’t start, you aren’t going to get anywhere.”  

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