CrossFit Wynwood Among the Arts

shutterstock_131363450The Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida, sits in what used to be Greater Miami’s warehouse and manufacturing district.

Dozens of art galleries, shops and bars fill the area now, and amidst all of these sits CrossFit Wynwood.

It is the energy of the Box, fueled by not just its members but also its surrounding environment, that co-owner Moises Hernandez said is what makes his Box stand out. He explained the energy is driven by being right in the middle of what he dubbed as “one of the hottest areas in town,” allowing for the members to go to galleries or bars after a workout, bonding in the community.

In fact, CrossFit Wynwood has a social director, even if it just started out as a joke. One of its members is consulted about social events and even t-shirt designs, giving Hernandez a backboard within the membership to bounce ideas off of.

With all that’s available around the Box, it’s no wonder CrossFit Wynwood also has a variety of programming. From yoga to a boot camp class to cycling, Hernandez said there are simply days when members don’t want to beat up their bodies with CrossFit. “Although we believe that we’re a good CrossFit and we have great members and our Coaches are great, I still think that there’s other things you can offer, one for CrossFit, but then other things that will supplement,” said Hernandez.

Take for example Wynwheels, the cycling program at the Box. Hernandez referred to it as the “step child” because when the decision came to either end the program or find its very own director, they chose the later. Why hire an instructor, who had been doing Spinning for years and was known in the area, as the program’s director? Well, it all comes down to the customers.

“Our motto at the end of the day is providing good service,” said Hernandez. “We need to forget that, yes a lot of people like CrossFit or try to open up a CrossFit business, because it’s a good business model and you can make a quick return on your investment, but the most important thing is establishing a foundation first and then building off of that foundation.”

Hernandez explained that while great coaching is key and an awesome facility helps, you must focus on customer service first. “[People will notice] that your gym is just not focused on what the bottom line is, which is money, but more on the individual,” said Hernandez. “I think that alone will take care of itself.”

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