Wonder Website

How are you using your website?

Three Affiliates share their advice on how to make the most of your Box’s online presence.


Necessities When it Comes to Sales


• Prices on a single page.

• Keep it simple. CrossFit Anywhere only has four price packages.

• Big graphics that are really easy to see and understand.

• Not hard to find.


• Show programs you offer.

• Have a price breakdown structure available (like for a monthly payment of $100, if you come to class three times a week, that is less than $10 a class). “That way, people aren’t blindsided whenever they show up to your gym. Just break it down so they’re aware of what they’re getting into.”

•“The more options people have, the less they can decide.”

• Be clear what exactly a member is getting.


• Be very transparent with your prices and scheduling. Make sure it’s something they can find quickly.



How to Go About Internal Communications:

Thompson: Have a page for the WOD and events, although Facebook is a more effective platform for events to be posted on.

Morrison: Once people are members, the only thing they need to visit the website for is the WOD. Draw them onto you social media platforms to get them engaged with the community.

Owens: Post WODs on the home page, as well as have the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feed on your website. Use social media and emails to get messages and event information out there.


Marketing Must-Haves:

Owens: CrossFit Knoxville is big on branding from its emails to its website. The look and feel is consistent throughout all aspects of the Box’s online and offline presence.

Ways to do this: 

1. Show who your Box is and share where it has come from. 2. Define your target audience and then build and base your website around it. 3. Use clear language so that people know what to expect in terms of results and CrossFit in general.


What’s Necessary on Your Website for Prospects?


• Get started now: “Where somebody who’s already interested, they can just go there and find out exactly what they need to do.”

• Location, phone number, address: easy to find and very accessible.


• An introductory sign up.

• Have a “call to action” aimed at the prospect.

• Success stories from members.


• Have a short video or paragraph in simple language describing what CrossFit is.

• Class times, prices and location.

• How to sign up.


What’s on Your Website for Members?

CrossFit Hollywood has a blog, providing information for its members on a variety of topics.


Other Tips from Affiliates:


• You need striking imagery that is high quality, high resolution with good colors and good lighting.


• Revamp the website every now and then: “Letting people know their money isn’t just being spent on caviar and champagne. It’s been reinvested in the business, that we are interested in the business, that we are interested in keeping things fresh.”

• Coaches bio, photo and credentials.


• Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.