WODROD is the Ultimate Tool


Whether you are a competitive fitness athlete, rock climber, gymnast, Olympic lifter, work with your hands everyday or simply want to have smooth hands, WODROD is the ultimate tool for keeping calluses at bay and maintaining your hands with unparalleled smoothness.

Featuring a simple, barbell-inspired design, the patent-pending WODROD is lightweight, durable and incredibly effective. The key to WODROD is the ability to easily change the abrasive. Perforated reserves are conveniently stored inside the easy-to-grip knurled handle for on-demand, quick replacement.

Here at WODROD, we don’t believe tearing and ripping is a “badge of honor.” Your workout is over and even with the best hand repair lotion, your hands will be trashed for at least a week. Countless testimonials have proven using the WODROD on a daily basis keeps you in the gym longer.

We spent close to a year developing our abrasive with the help of 3M. It only takes about 20 seconds to show results. You will quickly chuck that pumice stone and nail file into the trash. Still using a razor blade? The WODROD is safer, quicker and provides consistency across your calluses. No more high and low spots, nor the fear of cutting yourself.

Affiliate programs are custom-tailored to fit the needs of your gym. Whether you are small or large, need custom engraving or colors, we will create a program that is successful.

Created and manufactured in the USA using high-quality aluminum, WODROD is the most important piece of equipment you can have in your gym bag.

WODROD Benefits:

  • You only have to purchase the WODROD once.
  • The abrasive is easily replaceable and available.
  • The cylindrical design allows for sanding into small, specific areas.
  • WODROD’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your gym bag.
  • Perforated abrasive replacements are stored inside the handle.
  • Proprietary abrasive works quickly.
  • Simple and safe to use daily.
  • Possibly most important and least expensive tool in your gym bag.

For more information, visit wodrod.com.