WODMedic’s Mobility Tools


WODMedic is a cloud based, mobility assessment software created specifically for CrossFit Boxes. Our mission is to create the tools that empower Coaches to have an even bigger impact on the lives of their athletes. We firmly believe that it is the fitness coach, and not the medical provider, that should be assessing and optimizing an athlete’s movement competency. CrossFit has done an extraordinary job of pulling people off of robot weights and forcing them to relearn their basic human functions. The benefits created by forcing people to reconnect their joints and brain in order to create skilled, purposeful movement cannot be overstated. We only hope to facilitate this process by creating tools that help Coaches to be more efficient and effective. We want Coaches to be experts at assessing athlete mobility and pinpointing the root cause of dysfunctional movement.

Our software contains five assessments. First is the Essential On Ramp Mobility Assessment that we recommend Boxes use on all incoming athletes. This assessment is designed to identify mobility restrictions on the front end that will not improve without targeted intervention. This way your athletes will begin working to correct their weak links within the very first week of joining. The ability to determine whether poor movement is being caused by a mobility restriction or by a stability or motor control problem is a powerful tool. The poor movement caused by a mobility restriction will require targeted intervention in order to improve, while the poor movement caused by stability or motor-control issue can be corrected with good coaching and cueing. Our software offers you and your Coaches a reliable and repeatable system to assess your athletes. The days of simply teaching your athletes the movements, without first assessing their baseline level of function, are long gone.

In addition to the Essential On Ramp Mobility Assessment, our software contains more detailed assessments for the four main movements and positions: overhead deep squat, overhead press, hip hinge and front rack.

How it works: Add your athletes into the software, run your athletes through the mobility assessment and enter their results. Click build a program to auto generate your athletes’ corrective program based off of their unique assessment findings. Once you add your client into the software, they will automatically be sent their own login credentials. The athlete can sign in to view their assessment results along with their mobility corrective program.

For our mobility correctives, we utilize an approach we call the Mobility 3.0 Approach. Incorporating the latest stretching and mobility research, we moved beyond the traditional approach to mobility to create a more effective answer. In addition to our mobility correctives, your software will also include Olympic lifting drills and kettlebell correctives from expert teachers. For more information check us out at wodmedic.com.