Wodify Goes Completely Mobile


Wodify is a cloud-based platform designed to give CrossFit gym owners, Coaches and athletes a competitive edge. Live in over 3,300 locations, Wodify replaces the traditional whiteboard, spreadsheets, workout journals, manual class scheduling and tedious billing process with a single digital solution that puts comprehensive management and athlete tracking tools into a single browser window or mobile app.

Boxes that adopt Wodify replace their traditional whiteboard with a digital whiteboard kiosk where athletes can view the WOD, check-in to class, and input performance results and PRs through the Coachboard. The web and mobile platforms allow Coaches to configure WODs in advance, view athlete progress and attendance over time, see athlete percentage charts, and automate processes like billing and class scheduling. An industry leader, Wodify averages 100,000 athlete performance results logged per day, resulting in over 71 million worldwide since its inception in 2012. Partnering with various merchant processors in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the U.S., Wodify allows business owners to setup billing processes through the system so they can automate payment processing and spend more time doing what they love in the gym with clients.

Athletes benefit from Wodify in that they can track their results over time with performance metrics at their fingertips, receive PR notifications, log their diet and post daily results directly from their mobile device. With a social interactive Coachboard, early morning athletes can “like” and comment on the performance of their friends that work out in the evening. CrossFit is all about community, and Wodify wants to bring that to the forefront of the software used for athlete performance to make sure your devoted morning monsters get to know your noontime ninjas.

Wodify has recently gone completely mobile with the introduction of the Admin and Point of Sale apps. The Point of Sale app allows any Coach, manager or admin to sell retail products right from their mobile device or tablet. The Admin app works with you as you live your life. Business ownership doesn’t stop at 5 p.m. and your software solution shouldn’t either. Wodify lives on your phone and tablet to allow you to create leads, apply membership holds and email athletes for the next morning’s class on the go.

For more information, visit boxprofb.wodify.com