Wodify Announces Partnership with Myzone


Wodify Pulse, the latest product in the Wodify fitness software suite, displays members’ heart rates in real time, leveraging Myzone technology and the Wodify Core Kiosk. The Wodify-Myzone partnership enables gym owners to give their athletes accurate feedback on their workouts, both inside and outside of the gym. As the industry shifts its focus toward collaboration, Wodify and Myzone aim to deliver a group experience resulting in improved member engagement, motivation, and retention.

“With demand for wearable technology exploding, we knew it was time for a product like Wodify Pulse to bring group heart rate training to Crossfit. What better way to deliver it to the market than by partnering with Myzone, the industry leader in heart rate tracking,” said Ameet Shah, CEO and creator of Wodify. “Together we’ll be able to deliver our customers an even more dynamic experience, enhancing the one they already get as a Wodify gym.”

“We are very excited to announce that Wodify, the global leader in Crossfit software, has selected Myzone as its exclusive heart rate system provider,” said Dave Wright, CEO and Creator of Myzone. “With Myzone’s global distribution, accuracy and 24 hour support, the partnership between Myzone and Wodify is a strong collaboration of excellence.”

During a workout, Wodify Pulse athletes can view data like heart rate, calories burned and intensity in real time, with five color-coded tiles that are displayed on the Wodify Core Kiosk utilized in Crossfit gyms around the world. Following a workout, athletes receive a detailed summary of their performance via email.