Wodapalooza and Community

The Wodapalooza slogan is simple: “Celebrate fitness, community and life.” And the fitness festival sure lives up to those three descriptive words.

This past weekend, the Box Pro Team traveled to Miami, Florida, for Wodapalooza. Despite some turbulence and nearly missing a flight, we made it in one piece.

But some might wonder why a magazine focused on the business side of the industry goes to events that are geared for athletes/consumers. Why spend time at a competition that we won’t really write about in our magazine?

Well, the answer is simple: to meet you, Affiliate.

When determining if we should attend an event, the Box Pro editorial team contacts Box owners we have worked with for stories or other projects. We have a sure-fire method — OK, it’s just texting and email — to get ahold of Box owners who will be at the event. It’s our chance to step out of the office and talk face-to-face with people we’ve only interviewed over the phone or by email.

Throughout the weekend, I met with several Affiliates. We chatted about their athletes in the event — all of them knew someone competing — and about their businesses. We also conducted short video interviews, which will be coming soon.

On Day 2 of Wodapalooza, athletes had to swim out to a floating barge for handstand pushups.

style=”padding-left:100px;” On Day 2 of Wodapalooza, athletes had to swim out to a floating barge for handstand pushups.

Plus, I was truly inspired by what I witnessed at Wodapalooza. Owners flew hundreds of miles to coach and support their Box’s competitive members. Adaptive athletes performed incredible feats of burpees, Cleans and rope climbs. It was a combination of fun and ‘wow’ I hadn’t quite witnessed anywhere else. Overall, I found it to be a coming-together of the larger community in which your Box resides. I felt like I was part of something large, welcoming and wonderful.

Coming back to frigid weather after a weekend spent in 70-degrees and surrounded by palm trees, you might think my above review of the event is a bit biased. But honestly, it’s so true. And I would urge you, Affiliate, to now think about your members.

How can you help each of them see what being part of this community, both inside and outside of your gym, is all about? How can you help them feel like they are involved in something big and beautiful? Maybe it’s getting together with other Boxes in the area and holding a fun event or competition. Maybe it’s going to Wodapalooza, Regionals or some other fitness festival as a group.

Whatever it be, don’t forget to show your members what a truly large and magnificent community this is, and they are a part of it through your Box.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.