Wild Mountain Wholesale’s Wide Variety


Wild Mountain Wholesale was started in 2014 as a natural outgrowth of Wild Mountain Paleo Market. There was no distributor that catered to the grain-free, low-carb and paleo lifestyle with our kind of ingredient stringency, and why couldn’t we make such a thing happen ourselves?

Wild Mountain Wholesale caters primarily to independent health food stores, nutritionists and wellness centers, as well as CrossFit gyms where accounts for large distributors are not necessarily practical. Most of our vendors are too small to be in wide distribution, and that’s why we are so useful to them. We’re not out to offer items that are available in wide distribution, but to provide the best quality products possible.

We offer a service that includes a wide variety of items with no case purchase requirements and the flexibility for customers to either email purchase orders or use our own online system. Our menu does not include all of the products that are available at Wild Mountain Paleo Market, so if there is a specific product you would like to carry in your gym please include that information in your contact email.

We are a great match for CrossFit gyms, which can choose from over 60 of the best-loved paleo brands and over 300 products for a one-stop shopping experience that will make your job a whole lot easier. You’ll also get free shipping with just a $300 order value.

You can also take advantage of Affiliate deals for your members that would like to shop from a full retail line of over 1,000 products at Wild Mountain Paleo Market. Get in touch via Wild Mountain Wholesale’s website to start your account today.

For more information, visit wildmountainwholesale.com or call 971-803-7133.