Why Your Business’ Name Matters

business' name

How do people see you?

It’s a question every business owner should ask when defining his or her brand. What images are you putting out? What vibe are you giving off? Is it what you stand for? Or is it something entirely different?

But more importantly, what is your business’ name? That is what people first see and learn about your business. It’s often your first impression in potential prospects’ minds. In the Inc.com article, “Why Your Company Name is as Important as Your Company Function,” Margot Bushnaq, the founder and CEO of BrandBucket, is quoted for the following: “A catchy unique name can also help customer remember you, and we all strive to be memorable and retain customers. The shorter and easier it is to spell the better.”

Maybe you already have a name and are simply thinking of rebranding. Then it’s time to read “8 Mistakes to Avoid When Naming Your Business” on Entrepreneur.com. Make sure you think of a unique name while refraining from obscurity. You want people to remember it because it’s different, but you want to avoid them forgetting it because it’s so far off the beaten path. Plus, you shouldn’t be afraid of changing your name once choosing it. Did you start as just a CrossFit gym but now you offer so much more? It might be time to start thinking outside of the Box.

John Swanson, the founder of The Fast Factory in Sartell, Minnesota, shares on branding and his business’ name in hopes you can learn something from his experience:

BP: How did you come up with your name and brand? 

JS: We launched our company working with youth athletes. I had always loved the concept and study of what makes athletes fast.  So we launched the company and called it F. A. S. T (Functional Athletic Sports Training). Six years later we would move into CrossFit and adopt the name CrossFit Fast Factory.  We chose factory because our old facility was a small factory.

BP: Why is having a unique and strong brand essential? 

JS: Brand is your identity. It’s what you and your membership embody.

BP: Were you ever just “CrossFit X?”

JS: We have always had a dual brand. Fast Factory and also CrossFit Fast Factory.

BP: What are your thoughts on having your own name? 

JS: I think if you own your business you should own your brand.

BP: What is the positive of still remaining Affiliated? 

JS: I’m an Affiliate because I believe in the methods, the community and the mission. 

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.