Why You Should Offer Skill Sessions

Skill sessions.
There are just some movements in CrossFit that athletes need to spend a little more time on. That’s where skill sessions come in.

“We consider a skill session a time between an athlete and a Coach that’s focused on one specific skill of their choosing,” said Amanda Forrester, the co-owner of Brickhouse CrossFit in Roanoke, Virginia.

The hour-long sessions have been around for three years at Brickhouse. In packages of either three or six, athletes can pick a specific skill to work on, pairing up with a Coach who has specialized in that area. “We originally built skill sessions because we knew people wanted a little bit more one-on-one attention, and even though we have private training sessions, that didn’t register with people,” said Forrester.

It was after the Box moved to a larger facility that skill sessions could be implemented. They are still up and running three years later. While the program doesn’t necessarily affect the bottom line, Forrester said the benefits are there for both the Coaches and members.

First, Coaches often don’t have the ability or time to go in-depth about technique in a large group class. Forrester explained most Coaches love to dig into movements, and through skill sessions, they are able to do so. “[It] allows your Coaches to grow and develop,” she said.

As for the members, they have options. “I think the most beneficial is just the members knowing that there are specialized services for them if they want to dig into things,” said Forrester.

In fact, Forrester said Brickhouse has even seen non-members come for specialized skill sessions with its Coaches who are knowledgeable in different focuses.

When it comes to implementing this extra program, Forrester explained it’s important to have standards and rules in place. For example, if people cancel within the 24-hour period before the scheduled session, is there a no-refund policy? Establishing standards now will help when the questions arise later.

Marketing to members is also needed. Three months after a person joins the Box, they will receive an informational email about skill sessions and the benefits that come from them. Coaches will also offer up their services to members who voice that they want to get better at certain skills.

Overall, Forrester said she’s glad the skill sessions are there and are available. “It gives your Coaches a great opportunity to work one on one with people,” she said. “It just sets us a part in that way, from a business perspective.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.