Why You Need to Take a Break

take a break

Happy Fourth of July!

Hopefully, you have finished up any WODing you planned to do and are enjoying the rest of the day off. And if you aren’t planning to enjoy the day, I think it’s time to look into why taking a break from work is actually beneficial.

I used to be a workaholic with the best of them. I’d stay up late until whatever I was working on was perfect. I would limit my fun activities. And if I did go out to have a good time, I was probably stressed during most of it that I wasn’t working.

Over time, I’ve realized a bit of rest, relaxation and ultimately distance from work is better than working all the time. In fact, I’d say I probably even get more done now. But it took setting boundaries – like not checking my email when at home or when I’m unable to aptly respond, an idea courtesy of Val Wright’s “Thoughtfully Ruthless.” Yes, sometimes it’s hard to have to tell people, “Sorry I was on vacation and I don’t check email” or to be completely inaccessible after 6 p.m. at night. But I’ve realized things can wait.

So, with the holiday being celebrated today, I thought it was a great time to ask how are you setting boundaries between work and personal life?

And I get it. Running a business is a lot more consuming and all encompassing than, say, running a magazine. But like Stuart Brauer shared, you will get burned out if all you’re fueling with is fumes from a passion that’s slowly dissipating. It’s time to be thoughtfully ruthless and make time for those personal aspects of your life. An hour away from the gym could result in more brainpower, better ideas and even better relationships with your members.

Even if you can’t get away for a day, taking a break from work has been proven to lead to more productivity. In fact, in this article from Fast Company “Why You Need to Stop Thinking You’re Too Busy to Take Breaks” by Courtney Seiter, it’s noted that our brain isn’t built for extended focus. Plus, taking a break allows for a step back to evaluate if you’re working toward your goal in the best way possible.

All in all, I encourage you to take this day to step away from work. And for this week, try one of the break methods in Fast Company’s article, noting how it influences your productivity. You just might be surprised at what you find!

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.