Why Prospects are Leaving Your Website


There’s an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed, and it’s staring you in the face. You don’t realize it, but your website is turning motivated people away. Most people are going to read that statement above and figure it doesn’t apply to them, and that’s OK. Maybe you’ll be the one that makes the changes and then gets the prospects that went to other websites before coming to yours.

Let’s face it: If someone lands on your website, it was not on accident. They most likely put “CrossFit” into Google and took all the websites for a spin. If you ranked higher, you may have been checked out first, but that is not always true. And the story doesn’t stop there. They arrived on your website wanting to make a change. If you can’t show them you can help them, they’ll continue looking for it elsewhere.

Why would a prospect leave one Affiliate website that clearly offers what they’re looking for and check out another website? It’s most likely due to having at least one of the performance-based issues listed below:

Your website isn’t telling the prospect what to do. And yes, the potential client needs you to tell them what you want them to do. This is where your call-to-action comes into play. This should be an incredibly obvious piece of your website.

Your website isn’t distinguishing itself from the alternatives. Whether the alternative is another Affiliate, a globo-gym or the couch, it is your job to make sure the website reflects your gym’s personality and clearly shows the benefits of joining. If you don’t know what those benefits are, neither will the potential client.

Your website is straight-up confusing. It is possible to have too much content. Don’t try to sell someone after they’ve been sold. You could have too little content, which means not letting the prospect know what to expect. You could have intimidating photography (is everyone at your gym always in beast mode?) You could have poor navigation/layout (where can they find what they’re looking for?) You could have missing contact info, and you shouldn’t play hide-and-seek with that information.

Notice I didn’t mention “Your design sucks.” Why is that?

Although you may already know this, design generally isn’t the biggest issue. Some of you may have beautiful websites that are doing you zero favors. And besides, “attractive” websites are easy to find.

If you want to stop turning away members, you may want to focus more on getting a website that performs well and less on a website that is just aesthetically-pleasing.

And the easiest way to get more members is to stop turning away the ones that are already coming to you.

  • Focus on an “attractive” website, and your members will appreciate it.
  • Focus on an “inexpensive” website, and your accountant will appreciate it.
  • Focus on a “performing” website, and your business will appreciate it through the additional revenue it brings.

By Kyle Posey, CEO at Powered by Awesome