Why Partnering with Four Athletics has Huge Benefits

Four Athletics

Shenandoah CrossFit was at a loss when it came to apparel. Until they found Four Athletics.

“We partnered with Four Athletics because after a few years of only doing retail sales for shirts, tank tops, baseball tees and hoodies, we could never seem to find a company that would do a custom, high quality legging,” said Shawn Rider, the owner of the gym in Winchester, Virginia. “We saw a few other gyms we are close with posting about the custom leggings they got from Four Athletics so we reached out to them to talk about their co-branding program.”

From there, Rider hasn’t looked back when it comes to ordering custom apparel. Read below about the experience Shenandoah CrossFit has had partnering with Four Athletics:

What does the partnership look like?

It’s fairly straightforward. We sent them our logo and three different ways we’d like to see the logo laid out on the leggings. Within 24 hours, we had all three options sent back to us. After one tweak, we had the design we wanted for the Rise Up Black Leggings.

What benefits have you seen for your business from this partnership?

The women were extremely excited we were now offering a legging option. Forty women signed up for our first order, and after they came in, an additional twenty women wanted us to place another order. Obviously that provides an extra boost to the monthly revenue.

What has pleasantly surprised you about your partnership?

The timely responses from Four Athletics is a huge benefit to the partnership. You’re never sitting around waiting for days to get a reply. They are on top of their customer service. The women were really pleased with the quality of the legging. One thing they were worried about before ordering was if the leggings would pass the “squat test” a.k.a. “Are they see through?” Once the order came through, my wife “squat tested” her pair and I was excited to announce they passed the test with flying colors. They are 100 percent not see through.

Is there anything else the Affiliate should know about Four Athletics?

It’s pretty awesome to partner with a company that doesn’t force our gyms to have a minimum order especially with such a high quality, premium-priced product. The leggings sell for $68 on their website and the wholesale pricing Four Athletics gives to Affiliates for a custom print is very generous. It gives the Affiliate enough room to have a plus-40 percent margin on the resale of the leggings.

For more information, visit fourathletics.com.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.