Why Not You?

why not you

Who is one person in your life who has something that you want? Some success that you don’t have. Picture them in your mind. 

Now answer this question: Do you believe you can have the same thing or something similar? 

Really think about that. Do you actually believe you can have the success you admire in them? 

If your answer is “No” or “Probably not,” I’ve got three words for you: Why Not You? 

Why can’t you have what they have? What are those limiting factors that are keeping you from the success you dream of? 

In order to get “unstuck,” you have to identify and define those limiting factors. Yours most likely won’t be the same as mine. Is it:

  • Money: You never feel like you have enough?  
  • Connections: You don’t feel like you know the right people?  
  • Lack of help: You feel alone?  
  • Time: There never seems to be enough of it?  
  • Ability: You don’t feel like you have the skills you need?  
  • Age: You feel like you’re too old, or too young? 
  • Something else? 

You may “feel” stuck, but you believing that you are stuck is really just another story you keep repeating because that makes it easy to explain away why you’re not in a different place than you are now. Read that again. 

If you’re stuck, you may need to take inventory of your inner conversation. And when you do, identify those things that are keeping you from where you want to be.  

You may have to admit that you’ve not “tried everything,” because I will tell you that there is always another way in, through, or out. 

As I’ve been thinking about this, I starting researching people who, for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t be where they are now. They have plenty of justifiable reasons why they could have settled, or quit, or never reached higher ground.  

Here are a couple of examples: 

Joanne “JK” Rowling – She came from a difficult family. Her mom had MS and died six months into her writing Harry Potter. JK met a man, got pregnant, miscarried, then married him. They had a child, then divorced and she had to move in with sister. JK became depressed and suicidal, was on welfare and struggling to support herself and her daughter. She received “loads” of rejections when she first sent out the manuscript. Then she sold her first book in 1997 for $4,000. She now has a net worth of over $850 million. 

Brendan Ferreira – He went to Afghanistan, lost his arm and suffered multiple other injuries, dealt with PTSD, gained 74 pounds and was severely depressed. He tarted CrossFit, lost his weight, is impacting people every day and got featured in People magazine.  

And a few more: Milton Hershey had three failed candy companies. Charlize Theron witnessed her mom murder her dad. Bill Gates’ first business failed miserably. Jim Carrey was homeless. Bethany Hamilton had her arm ripped off by a shark. The list could go on and on.  

Instead of just reading that list, what needs to sink in is that those people were no different than you or me.  

Every one of them could have made excuses. They could have just resigned themselves to not having the resources of time, money, skill, connections or whatever. But they didn’t. They pushed, they persevered, they struggled, they were consistent, they kept going, they ultimately never gave up.  

The bottom line is, when we want results we often get overly attached to a specific outcome. Meaning, we’re wanting things a certain way, in a certain timing, and we’re not open to all of the possible ways life can happen for us.  

Here are a few questions to think about if you’re serious about committing to (and getting) what you want in your business and your life: 

  1. What are your limiting factors? 
  2. Why do you think they have control over you? 
  3. What would happen if you began to release their power over you? 
  4. What steps would you need to take to bring help in these areas? 
  5. What are your strengths that will keep you going when you don’t “feel” like it? 

Now that you’ve answered those questions, commit to at least one thing you can do every day to take action on your goal. 

And then embrace and repeat this mantra every day: Why Not Me? 

Julie Weldon is on the leadership team of 321GoProject and is the creator and host of GSD Entrepreneur podcast. Her diverse background includes being a cake designer, coaching basketball, traveling to 13 different developing countries to do volunteer work on a year long trip, working in the not-for-profit world for 10 years, starting two businesses, working as a People & Change consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, taking a product to market (and “failing”, only to get back up and do it a second time), and working as a business coach/consultant to small businesses with her company, A Salty Rim. Her core belief is that it’s always about the people no matter if the company is large or small. Contact her at julie@321goproject.com.