Why You Need to be Flexible in Business


“Do you have a plan when it comes to your podcast episodes?”

As I was sitting down to write this blog, my coworker asked me that question. I shared with her I always have a plan going into the conversation, with a known direction I want to take or topic I’d like to discuss. Usually I’ve heard a story or chatted with someone I think would be great to interview. Or, there might be a topic that has continually come up I would like to dive deeper into.

However, I always have to remember to be flexible. If I’ve learned anything during my time as a journalist it’s to let conversations flow organically. There’s nothing worse then asking your source one question after the next and making them feel like they are being used. Plus, the answers are then typically dry and boring.

When I sat down with Peter Egyed, the owner of CrossFit Fury, for Episode 38 of Box Talk, I had to be flexible. Technology was giving us problems so we had to change things up. And while I had gone in wanting to talk about his ballerina CrossFitters — which we did for a little bit — we spent much of the time talking about what he’s learned since opening in the mid 2000s.

But that’s what I want. Sure, I have a general topic I’d like to hit, but mostly I want my guests to talk about what they’re passionate about. And often that’s their gym, that’s the lessons they’ve learned since being in the industry.

I suppose that’s what I’d like to share with you today: Flexibility is not a bad thing. It can be something special. It can allow you to have conversations you wouldn’t have if you stuck to rigid questions. It can allow you to open your doors to new ideas and programs. Take Egyed who now has a full-blown dance studio in his space. If he had never even considered the possibility, if he had never allowed himself to be flexible enough to possibly allow it, he would have missed out on a great opportunity.

So, the lesson is simple: Be flexible, Affiliate. Don’t box yourself in — pun intended. Listen to Egyed share what he’s learned along the way and observe how he’s had to shift, how he’s had to be flexible. Then do a little stretch and get more flexible yourself.

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.