Who are your People?

Who are your people?Fifteen days. That’s how long I am currently in England, traversing the countryside, visiting friends and attending a wedding.

However, just because I’m gone doesn’t mean Box Pro goes dormant. I’m in an industry that doesn’t take a break. There’s a reason most of the apps on my phone are logged into Box Pro’s social media channels. There’s a reason I have Affiliates’ numbers on my cell and the ability to post stories with a few taps of my fingers.

Box Pro is a magazine and magazine’s never sleep. OK, they do every now and then. But, I think you get my point.

As an Affiliate, I believe you understand this lifestyle. You work in an industry built on community and relationships. When you’re not holding workouts, you’re likely to be hosting events, celebrating birthdays or working late on some last minute budget stuff.

About a year ago, the owner of my home Box confided in me he hadn’t been able to take a vacation for the first three years of his gym’s life. He never felt comfortable leaving it. And while at first it might have been because he didn’t have confidence in his staff, I think in the end it came down to not wanting to leave his “baby.”

At the time, I didn’t understand. I mean, it’s vacation. We’re talking days on end without work. It’s like reliving the glory days of three-month long summers between school years.

But, then Box Pro became my “baby.” I watched it launch. I helped it grow. It became my responsibility. And now I’m paranoid to leave it for so long. Trust me, 15 days is a period in which much could go wrong, especially when I am busy adventuring with limited Internet access.

However, that’s where people come in. At Peake Media, Box Pro’s parent company, there is an incredible editorial team. I have several writers and editors I can totally rely on. When I was hemming and hawing about leaving for my trip, they shushed me and said, “Take your vacation.”

Sure, their workload increased. But, they were simultaneously looking out for my own wellbeing. And thankfully, I was confident they could handle Box Pro with as much care as I did.

It’s essential, Affiliate, to have those people in your Box, both as staff and members. Not just people you can rely on to lead while you’re gone, but people who look out for you as a person and who care about your state of mind. Yes, almost anyone can babysit a business, but it takes true friends and co-workers to give your business the same attention and care as you.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.