What’s in Your Software?


Five Affiliates and various software experts break down different software companies, answering questions and sharing benefits that they have seen in their own businesses and experiences.


Main differentiators: Value and vision. “Our goal isn’t to just meet certain needs. Our goal is to go above that and add value to your gym.” – Eric Allen, the vice president of business development at Wodify.


Erin Kelly, a co-owner of CrossFit 1Force:

Why did you choose Wodify?
“The most important thing that Wodify does is help me run my business efficiently.”

In your opinion, what are its main benefits?
Workout tracking has pushed members to want to achieve more. Breakdown of monthly revenue. Membership reports. Helps gym stand out among other Boxes. Lead tracking.

What should Box owners be aware of?
“If you’re going to use it, use it. Use it all the way because [it has] so many great features that you don’t even know about until you really learn how to use them.”


Zen Planner

Main differentiators: Full-service business success tool and workout tracking. “We will always work hard to ensure our customers can operate their business in their own unique way.” – Kinnick Wheaton, the senior marketing manager at Zen Planner.

Chuck Smith and his family.

Chuck Smith, a co-owner of CrossFit Krypton:

Why did you choose Zen Planner?
“They were the premier software company supporting CrossFit gyms when we opened our doors, and we wanted the best.”

In your opinion, what are its main benefits?
Tracking, in terms of classes and payment. Marketing and maintaining inventory. System-generated emails. User-friendly. Customer service, in terms of being quick, thorough and understanding the industry.

What should Box owners be aware of?
“If Zen Planner is not capable of doing something that you need done, their system engineers and programmers will work tirelessly to make it happen.”



Main differentiators: Simple, event management and tracking/communication capabilities. “Our interface is simple and intuitive. And things are designed to be as efficient as possible for the gym owner.” – Bubba Hagood, the CEO of Triib, Inc.

Operations_TriibAustin Malleolo, the owner of CrossFit One Nation:

Why did you choose Triib?
“I think the accessibility, and also just the ability for them to innovate, adapt and grow is important. That’s what has really drawn me to them.”

In your opinion, what are its main benefits?
Simple user interface. Customer service. Phone app. Programing abilities. WOD tracking.

What should Box owners be aware of?
“It’s software. It’s not going to be without mistakes or bugs. You have to expect that. And that’s with anything. You buy a phone from Apple and they have numerous updates throughout the year.”


Front Desk HQ

Main differentiators: Intuitive and friendly. “Front Desk is mobile friendly and intuitive — saving owners, staff and clients time and stress.” – Jessica Stradley, the marketing manager at Front Desk HQ.

Operations_JPJarett Perelmutter, founder of BRICK:

Why did you choose Front Desk HQ?
“We found Front Desk HQ best suited our needs from a member-tracking and retail point-of-sale standpoint.”

In your opinion, what are its main benefits?
Smooth sign in. Attendance tracking system. Super easy user interface for members. Retail sales and inventory components are helpful in maintaining a profitable “pro shop.”

What should other Box owners be aware of?
“It’s not great for multiple locations as separate entities … In addition, I’d make sure all owners investigate everything that’s on the market and find what works best for them in the type of business they look to become, not where they are.”

Anything else?
“Regardless of the system you use, it will only be as good as the practices you put in place. Learn the system, use the system and teach your entire staff the ‘How To’s.’”



Main differentiators: Ease of use and the only multi-modal system in the market. “Everything the gym owner needs to do is right at their fingertips and not buried deep in a complex menu structure.” – David King, the founder of WODHOPPER.

Operations_WODHOPPERIvy Rasmusen, a co-owner of CrossFit Carbon:

Why did you choose WODHOPPER?
“Their software is geared 100 percent toward CrossFit gyms. It is super user friendly and easy for all staff members to use.”

In your opinion, what are its main benefits?
Autopay for monthly membership. User-friendly check-in and attendance. WOD tracking for members. Members are able to post results directly to social media channels. Daily leaderboard.

What should other Box owners be aware of?
“Not sure it would be the best choice for a gym with multiple locations.”

Anything else?
“WODHOPPER always listens to suggestions and the needs of gym owners. They are constantly developing new features to improve their software.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.