Viral Marketing: What to Learn from Fidget Spinners

viral marketing

The fidget spinner is by far the hottest toy of 2017. The toy was originally designed for kids and adults with ADHD, but it has singlehandedly taken over social media and sells out anywhere they can be found.

What can your business learn from the fidget spinner craze? Well, this should be a status any brand would kill to achieve. This phenomenon isn’t anything new; Pog, Tamagotchi Pets and slap bracelets all hold cultural relevance to the ‘90s without having a real purpose or value.

As a small business you are forced to do more with less, competing with companies much larger than you. But there are several takeaways you can learn from fidget spinners in the generation of viral marketing.

Create the Viral Loop

Ideas don’t spread unless they are able to entice a reaction from people. Fidget spinners did such a good job at this because they encouraged others to engage with the trend and pass it on by videos, photos and text.

While it doesn’t make sense for a CrossFit Box to come up with the next big toy for 2017, you can create the same kind of viral loop in your marketing. For example, a big perk that Uber offers is referral discounts if a friend uses your user-specific code.  Discounts for friend referrals is going to bring more customers to your Box, thus creating a viral loop of friends consistently referring friends if you give them monthly discounts on their own membership for doing so.

Be Buzzworthy

Because so many people are posting images or videos using fidget spinners, it inclines others to do the same. You want to be posting content on your social media that inspires others to share content of the same caliber, or at least be showing friends and family what you have posted.

Posts about fidget spinners or other viral crazes have people tagging others in the comments of posts, spreading memes and creates discussions offline through word of mouth marketing. You should be driving content on all platforms to give your members more opportunity to share and tag others, reinforcing the community at your gym.

Be Unique

You need to test your audience’s interest beyond traditional conventions. While fidget spinner’s may have no relevance by the end of 2017, its legacy as a subculture within this generation will profoundly impact cultural relevance. This is something any business should aspire to create.

Copycat ideas generally don’t work well. You didn’t see “Milk Bucket Challenges” or “Lukewarm Water Bucket Challenges” popping up on social media after the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was a success. While you don’t have to create complex content, but it does need to be unique.

Take the time to create new and exciting programming or a competition not found at any Boxes in your nearby vicinity. When you add on these unique aspects of your gym, it is giving everyone reasons to post content and spread the word about your Box.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at