What Makes the Perfect Floor Coach?

floor Coach

What makes the perfect floor Coach? It has everything to do with consistency, competency and care, which add up to trust. As Coaches improve their behaviors — which lead to the three Cs — they will enhance their client’s experience greatly on the floor.

Coaches are the orchestra conductors on the floor. They’re somebody who must deliver:

  • A great experience to every client.
  • Knowledge around training and fitness content to help clients progress.
  • Cueing and hand-on support.
  • Care through engagement.
  • A safe floor for everybody.

As a Coach, you must remember you’re providing an experience for people. If you don’t provide an experience they find enjoyable, beneficial and helpful to their progress, you’re not going to have people who stay with you for years. Providing your people with a better experience on the floor is crucial to having longer retention of your clients. To do that, you must ensure the behaviors of your Coaches are in agreeance with your mission.

As a gym owner, you must map out the entire experience you want your clients to have each day, particularly with your Coaches. Think about these key areas of success:

  • When the client walks in, how are they greeted? By whom? What’s the feeling you want them to have right away?
  • Who do they interact with, not only right when they walk in, but during and after their workout?
  • Where do they put their stuff? Be explicitly clear with this.
  • Where do they warm-up?
  • Where is their workout written or how is it delivered?
  • When should Coaches interact with clients?
  • Client’s actual workout — Where will they do it? What’s required for them to execute on it?
  • Packing up their stuff after their workout.
  • Leaving your facility.

Once you have your ideal experience laid out, it’s time to focus on the biggest piece that impacts your clients’ experiences in the gym: the floor Coaches. You must map out the expected behaviors of the Coaches. The goal is to maintain consistency and quality:

  • Do you have standard operating procedures?
  • Are your Coaches qualified and equipped with the knowledge they need to succeed?
  • Are your Coaches aware of how to treat all clients on the floor?

If your goal is to create a quality experience for every client, map out the entire experience and make sure your Coaches are clear on their expectations. Remember, a great floor Coach is somebody who “conducts the orchestra.” Consistency and quality are key and ensuring your Coaches are delivering the best possible experience will result in longer retention rates and longer-term success for your gym.


By Jim Crowell and Maggie Friedline. Jim Crowell is the CEO of OPEX Fitness. Maggie Friedline is the public relations coordinator at OPEX Fitness and can be reached at maggie@opexfit.com. For more information,  visit opexfit.com.