What is Box to Business?

Box to Business

One of Jason Khalipa’s pet peeves is when someone tries to offer advice over a subject matter he or she has never experienced. That pet peeve was a driving force behind the creation of Box to Business, a seminar for Affiliates on owning a business.

In 2015, Khalipa, owner of NC Fit, and Jarett Perelmutter, founder of BRICK, started Box to Business. Though they’re on opposite ends of the nation, and they have two different business concepts, Khalipa said he and Perelmutter see eye-to-eye to make the seminars happen.

“We’re both business owners that have amazingly different business models, yet there’s certain things that are just built in. We share that knowledge,” said Khalipa. “We’ve done all different types of things together where we sit down, we shoot the shit and we come up with a concept. We put a lot of time and effort into [Box to Business.] It’s a legit, two-day seminar given by people that have been there and done that.”

Khalipa explained he started NC Fit with no outside funding, no membership and no investors or partners. But Perelmutter did take on outside funding. The differing backgrounds, Khalipa said, allows them to speak expertly on both. “There’s nothing an Affiliate owner can say to me that I haven’t experienced myself,” he said.

Since starting over a year ago, the seminar’s cost has stayed at $1,000 for the two days, but Khalipa, Perelmutter and the business itself has never made any money. Khalipa said gaining a profit from Box to Business was never his or Perelmutter’s intent. “We went into this with the best intentions, meaning we make plenty of money from our other areas of whatever that we don’t need to make money from this. What we need to do is support the Affiliate community, because if we don’t, I don’t know who is. I want to give real knowledge,” said Khalipa.

While they used to spend the money on fancy hosting locations and gift bags to give out to attendees, they now host the seminar in one of NC Fit’s locations. The proceeds go toward the Jessie Rees Foundation Never Ever Give Up, a non-profit organization raising money and awareness for pediatric cancer.

It’s a cause that is close to Khalipa, because on January 21, 2015, he announced via Instagram that his daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, the mission of Box to Business changed, saving money on the seminars in order to donate more to NEGU.

The experience even turned into a talking point at the seminars. “It’s revitalized the fact that in life, you never know what’s going to happen. So it’s your responsibility as a human to build a hedge against all things — that being fitness, that being financial, that being emotional. All those things, you want to make sure you’re in the best position possible because you never know what’s going to happen,” said Khalipa.

And he would encourage those who have not started an Affiliate yet to attend the seminars. “They should come just to listen to our mistakes and the good things we’ve done, take the ones they like and run with it,” said Khalipa. “And I guarantee they will find value in us that is worth their time.”

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.