What I Found in Boulder


When I landed in Denver, I was half expecting snow. It’s Febraury in Colorado after all! Instead, I got 68-degree weather with a whole lot of sunshine.

The amazing weather followed me north to Boulder where I would spend the day at CrossFit Sanitas, meeting Melissa Roza and her incredible staff. I see now the weather was a simple foreshadowing of the ray of sunshine I’d find to be Sanitas.

Walking in, I’d have to say the gym was perhaps the most well-lit CrossFit Box I’ve been in. I have been to or seen a few others — CrossFit Anywhere and CrossFit Hale come to mind — but Sanitas was definitely unique in its layout. Located in a trendy neighborhood with large windows, skylights and high ceilings, it made quite an impression from the moment I walked in.

And then, Roza and her team just solidified that impression. Their cohesion and passion for their jobs was evident. Despite having time to go and grab lunch elsewhere, the Coaches pulled chairs outside and sat in the sun, munching on meals sold at the Box. They simply enjoyed one another’s company. Roza was of course running around, trying to keep me happy and prepare for her upcoming weeklong Cuba trip, but I could see her on a regular day chilling right alongside them.

Eventually, Roza and I sat down for the podcast in their childcare room. Chatting for 40 minutes, Roza and I rehashed opening Sanitas, where the name came from, how flooding took down the gym within months of opening, etc. Our conversation was winding, but as we talked I saw the light in Roza’s eyes. She loved this. She had a passion for it. And even more than that, she had a mind for business. Her husband’s ability to set a clear vision was also evident in hearing about the scope of Sanitas’ journey.

So take a listen to Episode 36 and find out what makes Sanitas tick. Hear how the gym has changed over the years, how Roza has listened to her members and how they didn’t always have fulltime Coaches.

Listen and learn. And then find one thing you can apply today.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.