What Does it Mean to be the BEST?

Best Bar Ever

Best Bar Ever (BBE), Inc. is the nation’s leading innovator in premium, real food protein bars. Frustrated with the lack of quality protein bar options, this Maryland-based company was established to kill the compromise in convenient foods.

“Most protein bars on the market are simply candy bars in disguise. Marketed with misleading nutritional claims, these bars are made from low-quality ingredients and taste horrible. Instead of being driven by health and quality, the entire protein bar market has become focused on marketing gimmicks and extended shelf life.  We’re here to change that because we believe people deserve more,” said Scott Dean, co-founder of BBE.

“For us, the word ‘BEST’ isn’t just a convenient name or a marketing ploy,” he continued. “‘Best’ means we refuse to compromise – on taste, on ingredients, on process or on freshness. We’re hell-bent on keeping preservatives, chemicals and science lab crap as far away from our products as humanly possible. And it doesn’t stop there. ‘Best’ is a mission that touches every part of our company. It means that we treat our employees better. It means that we source our packaging more sustainably. It means that we put our product in a refrigerator while everyone else’s sits dry and dusty on a shelf. It means that we never stop tinkering, experimenting and improving upon everything that we do.”

“For us, ‘BEST EVER’ isn’t just a trademark – it’s a promise.  A promise that we put in big, bold letters on everything we make — to remind ourselves, and our loyal following, of the commitment we make every day. A commitment to take the best ingredients, give them to the best culinary minds, apply the best processes, align with the best retail partners and make the world’s BEST BAR EVER,” said Dean.

Delivering upon this promise, The Best Bar Ever has “raised the bar” for how protein bars should be made. Handcrafted, chef-inspired and containing no added preservatives, these bars are so fresh they must be stored in the refrigerator – where real food belongs!

Serving as functional food, the quality of these bars is apparent not only in their taste, but also in their nutritional value.  Providing a balanced blend of healthy fats, quality carbs and premium proteins, these real food bars can be used as a meal replacement, a healthy snack or as pre/post-workout fuel.

BEST of all, they taste amazing  Their incredible taste is actually how the bars got their name. “This is the Best Bar Ever” is the most common thing people say after trying one for the first time. So whether you are a foodie, athlete or individual looking for a quality, on-the-go nutritional option, we invite you to try one today and Taste The Difference.

For more information, or to place an order, visit www.BestBarEver.com. For businesses interested in retailing BBE, info on their wholesale program is available by contacting Scott@BestBarEver.com.