What are You Better at in Your Gym?


I have three questions for you, Affiliate:

  1. What are you deeply passionate about?
  2. What can you be the best in the world at?
  3. What drives your economic engine?

Those three questions — and their subsequent answers — form the basis of Jim Collins’ Hedgehog Concept in his book, “Good to Great.” He shared that once good companies knew the answer to those three questions, they translated that understanding into one simple idea that guided all of their efforts — a.k.a. the Hedgehog Concept – to becoming great.

However, I want to focus on the second question. It’s a hot topic in the industry today, to diversify or to not diversify in terms of programs offered. While I don’t have the answer, I do think it might differ from gym to gym. Here’s why:

Collins gave an example of Wells Fargo executives and some prying questions they asked themselves in order to propel the company forward: “What can we potentially do better than any other company, and, equally important, what can we not do better than any other company? And if we can’t be the best at it, then why are we doing it at all?”

Understanding what you can be the best at is essential. In fact, Collins said it’s absolutely crucial. “Just because something is your core business — just because you’ve been doing it for years or perhaps even decades — does not necessarily mean that you can be the best in the world at it,” wrote Collins.

He shared often you have to overcome the curse of competence. Just because you’ve been doing something well doesn’t mean you can be the best at it. “The good-to-great companies understood that doing what you are good at will only make you good; focusing solely on what you can potentially do better than any other organization is the only path to greatness,” said Collins.

So does that mean I’m advocating for CrossFit-only gyms? Not necessarily. But that doesn’t mean I’m advocating for expanding your facility to include half a dozen programs either. What I am advocating for is figuring out what you can do better than anyone else. If that’s CrossFit, focus solely on that. If it’s being able to offer a wide variety of quality products, go for it.

This industry is diverse and every Box is different. What you can be best at is unique. But I encourage you to stop trying to do it all simply because you can. Sit down today and figure out where you can be better than anyone else in your market. Then start to focus solely on it.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.