Behind the Lens with CrossFit Town Center

While most Box owners don’t get into the CrossFit industry for monetary gain, as business owners, getting athletes through your front doors is undeniably important, and videos can help you do that.

According to the owner of CrossFit Town Center, Luke Mintzas, there’s no substitute for experiencing the atmosphere of a Box in person. But the right media plan can play a big part in helping a perspective athlete take their first step.

“When we were redesigning our website, we wanted a place to showcase video content from our classes and blog posts from our Coaches,” said Mintzas.

On the CrossFit Town Center website, there is an eye-catching section dedicated solely to video and blog content. The high-quality videos highlight the Box’s red and white décor, and pan the space as athletes work to complete the day’s WODs.

“The majority of our video and photo content was created in house. I’ve invested in a professional quality DSLR camera, lenses and accessories,” explained Mintzas. “We have thousands of photos on our Facebook page, all shot with DSLR, cropped, straightened and lighting adjusted. For videos, we either use the tripod, handheld stabilizer or the GoPro.”

GoPros are popular compact action cameras that offer features like video stabilization, voice control, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, and more. Their current models range from $200 to $400.

In the past Mintzas has found ways to cut costs as well. He said one of the videos on the site’s media page was done by a professional photographer for free in exchange for the content to be used in the photographer’s portfolio.

Not always for promotion and marketing purposes, CrossFit Town Center sometimes uses video to assist those who have already ventured into the Box.

“We send our Foundations participants a link to a private part of our site that has a video to accompany each session,” said Mintzas. “We get a lot of great feedback on these in particular.”

The Box owner admits the media part of the website doesn’t get as much attention as it once did, but heacknowledges the benefits the Box once reaped because of it, suggesting that in order to remain consistent, pick one day out of the week to show your website attention.

“I used to be really good about posting photos every week on Sunday. It’s much less frequent now, but [the videos] really helped with our initial growth,” he said.

Selena was a previous staff writer for Peake Media.