Venture CrossFit Makes the Best of Things in Reopening

Venture CrossFit
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On June 1, Venture CrossFit reopened its doors after being closed by the COVID-19 shut down.

Owner Harbor Hall said it’s been awesome so far. They are currently capping classes to 10 members, are providing cleaning supplies and are asking all members to follow basic CDC guidelines. These include washing hands, keeping social distance and staying home if you’re unwell.

“Members have been great this entire time … We were offering open gym options — also capped — prior to this as a slow return for both members and equipment that was loaned out,” said Hall. “Many members were hesitant at first, but have slowly returned based on other member feedback and what we’ve added to help keep them safe.”

Hall said in order to come to the conclusion of how and when to open, they sent out a survey to members asking where each of them stood on returning. From there, they reacted to the responses they received and have been able to remove obstacles that would have stood in the way of members returning.

On top of surveys, Hall also said social media has been a big help. “Posting members using the gym on social or IG stories has helped those on the fence see that it’s safe to return,” he said. “A little FOMO goes a long way.”

One helpful tip Hall gave for other gym owners was to have a system in place to help with class reservations and wait lists for classes. Venture CrossFit uses Wodify and Hall shared it’s been helpful to keep everything organized. “The days of members just showing up and jumping in are definitely on hold for an unforeseeable future.”

And finally, a small but amazing positive for the gym has been the removal of community chalk. Hall said members bring their own, which as the owner and janitor has done wonders for the cleanliness levels of the gym. “I pride myself on running a clean gym, but COVID-19 has taken it to another level in many positive ways,” he said.

There are definitely cons to a pandemic, but it seems Venture CrossFit is making the best of things as they strive to serve members well no matter what comes.

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