Utilizing Software to Help Operate Your Affiliate

How can software help you operate your affiliate?

Time is one of the most valuable assets as an Affiliate owner, but it is also one of the scarcest. Utilizing software to help reduce the amount of time you spend managing your memberships, product sales, events and your class and coaching schedules gives you more time to spend helping your athletes achieve goals. We believe the following items are the most vital features you should be looking for in your software management system:

Recurring Billing. The most important feature in your management software must be the recurring billing functionality. A simple to use interface that lets you setup recurring payments for membership dues and quickly determine if any of your athletes are having issues with their credit card payments is key to this functionality.

Athlete Management. The right software will let you quickly see your current active athletes and those who have put their memberships on hold, are currently having issues with their recurring payments and may be at risk for leaving your Affiliate.

Customer Support. Customer support is important regardless of how many video tutorials and online training materials there are. A support team can help you with questions and understanding the best way to utilize the software.

Reporting. Having a variety of reports helps  track how well your Affiliate is operating. Income reports, product sales history, class attendance history and membership history reports all help you understand the health of your operations and catch trends of sales and membership fluctuations.

Electronic Waiver and Contract Forms. Reducing the amount of paper you have will ensure that when you need your paperwork you don’t waste time finding it. Electronic forms also cut down the amount of storage you need, opening that space up for other uses.

Class and Coaching Schedules.An accurate class and coaching schedule allows your athletes to understand when classes are rescheduled, as well as ensure your Coaches are properly credited for the classes they coach. A straight-forward and easy-to-use RSVP feature also allows you to know ahead of time your equipment and staff requirements for each class.

Store Point-of-Sale. Selling products at your Affiliate is a great way to bring extra income to your bottom-line. Your management software should make the purchasing of products by your members straight-forward. Utilizing your class check-in kiosk as an additional store-front allows you to reduce costs in hardware. Your software should allow your members to add products to their monthly membership payment, reducing the credit card processing fees that you pay.

Event Management. Hosting events and seminars at your Affiliate is a great way to not only keep your athletes actively involved, but also to raise awareness of your Affiliate in the community. Athlete registration, event scoring and an online leaderboard makes the running of an event stress free and enjoyable. The extra income from events and seminars can also help.

Migration. The migration from an existing management solution to another should be straight forward and simple. The task of migrating to a new solution should not take time away from running your Affiliate nor impact your revenue stream.

WOD and Performance Tracking.WOD and performance tracking, when used correctly, can help your athletes achieve their fitness goals by being able to review previous results in a particular workout. This is not a requirement for effectively running your Affiliate; however, it does help keep your athletes working toward their goals and helps build friendly rivalries.

Review. Ensure that when implementing a new management system or switch from your existing one that you ask questions on functionality. Having an effective Affiliate management system in place can help take your Affiliate to the next level while also allowing you to spend more time with your athletes and growing a healthy community.


Michael Trosen

Founder and CEO