What Makes Your Box Unique?


CrossFit Boxes are everywhere; this is something evident to every Affiliate. That’s why differentiating your business through its unique selling proposition, or USP, is extremely vital to maintaining a successful company. Knowing your USP will help with brand development, marketing and all in all, running a successful business.

Sometimes determining your company’s USP can be difficult. After being in business for a couple of years, your lines can become blurred on what sets you apart. Here are a few ways to determine your USP and then how to put it in use.

What is Your Competitive Advantage?

You should be able to define one or two things you believe your Box is better at than others. A good way to determine these advantages is to write down the things your competitors excel at. Where does your business lie on that list? If you are better at certain areas than others, use that to your advantage.

Think of it as similar to how everyone has his or her favorite pizza place. Many could argue that all pizza is the same: crust, sauce and toppings. But if that is the case, then why does everyone have his or her favorite go-to pizza place?

You need to find the reason you might choose Domino’s over Papa John’s and transfer that over to your Box. What is the secret in your sauce that gives you the advantage?

Think From an Outsiders Perspective

You love your business; if you don’t, there might be a problem. Because of this it’s easy to get caught up in that love and forget how a potential client is viewing your Box. It’s not your needs you need to satisfy, but rather the customers.

Price isn’t the only reason people will come back to your business time and again. What are the traits you value that set you apart from your competition? The answers could be friendliness, reliability, humor or cleanliness. You need to find another sales feature that addresses your clients’ needs and then build your sales promotions around that.

Communicating Your USP

Once you find your USP, it’s time to get the message out to your potential clients. Your marketing materials should then be tailored to those clients. Try something as simple as writing down what you think your USP is. If it has the words “I” or “we” in it, you’re wrong. Your potential customers want to know what you can do for them. So try using the word “you” in the USP.

A USP is giving your clients and potential customers a direct focus on the main benefits they get from working out at your Box.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at kaitlync@peakemedia.com.