Using the Open to Benefit Your Box

The Open

It’s February, so I figured it is finally time to blog about the Open.

We are now three weeks away from the biggest competition in the CrossFit community. Last year, over 272,000 people from around the world participated in the Open, reported If previous growth rates of Open participation are any indication, this year will probably be even bigger!

With that said, how are you getting your gym excited for the Open? My Box has been posting about the upcoming event for two weeks now. However, the gym has also gone a step further by cultivating its very own Project Teamwork.

What is Project Teamwork? Everyone who signs up for the Open at my Box will be divided into five teams. Then, for five weeks, members will compete by gaining points for their team through workout performance, social media posts, attendance at events and more. And while last year I was torn about signing up for Project Teamwork, this year I had my name down almost as soon as the event was announced.

And by getting members excited about the Open, your gym can benefit. CrossFit Eminence’s Lindsey Marcelli shared “5 Tips to the CrossFit Open” on her Box’s website for her members to read. Tip No. 2 was “Get ready now.” Marcelli wrote if there is a skill a member is struggling with, now is the time he or she should work on it, versus the week before the Open starts. She encouraged her members to get one-on-one time with a Coach to work on specific skills and weaknesses.

the Open

In my Box, a weightlifting course started two weeks ago with the purpose of preparing people’s lifts for the Open. The Coach wanted to better athletes’ Snatches and Cleans, making sure they are moving properly while being efficient. Maybe you can offer skill sessions to your members so they can better their pull-ups or finally get their toes-to-bar. Maybe it’s hosting a weightlifting course with the sole purpose of preparing members for the Open. It’s different for every gym, so think about what will work best in yours!

Whatever it may be, the Open is coming. If your gym isn’t putting its own spin on the event, you are missing out on an opportunity to grow revenue and build community. It’s not too late! Sit down today and ask your staff how you can get members excited for the Open.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at