Using Brand Advocates as a Marketing Tool

With the rise of using social media as a marketing tool, businesses of every size are using the power of other users’ presences to advocate for their company’s brand. Some will send products, offer discounts if using a certain code or simply have a social media user talk about their company on their platforms. These people are sometimes called brand advocates or influencers and it is important for gyms to understand what each term means before giving anyone a title.

Custom Ink provided two definitions of each:

“Influencers are driven by growing their audience. They are not driven by promoting a brand or its products. And, as such, influencers drive awareness, not specific actions or more importantly, behaviors.”

“Brand advocates, on the other hand, can be a satisfied employee, customer, or vendor and they recommend because they had a great experience and they want to help others have that same great experience.”

Clearly, based on those definitions, brand advocacy is the term your business is going to want to use. You can use brand advocates as walking testimonials of your gym. The more time your Box’s name is used, the higher likelihood it is that it will be remembered, so find brand advocates from various demographics of your gym. Maybe a local mom who joined your gym to be able to play better with her kids, a college athlete who is looking for a reason to compete against other top athletes or a young adult who is new to the area and joined to find a way to create a group of friends to surround themselves with are your top three areas to target to begin with.

Start by reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in becoming a brand advocate. Have them meet monthly to discuss different strategies to bring in new members. Ask them to vary their post styles on each platform to hopefully attract different demographics. From there, the possibilities are endless.

Below, is an infographic created by Convince & Convert to help you determine the lines that divide influencers and brand advocates in order to better navigate those murky waters.

Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at