Updated Ad Format on Facebook


Facebook is getting more aggressive with their offerings in terms of advertising. They are becoming more nimble, more approachable, cheaper and more effective. If you haven’t looked at their new options, now is the time. There are two newer options to the platform that your organization should start using immediately.

The first is a carousel ad. Think about this ad like a slideshow, with built in images and pictures that together make a story. Now, think about your industry. You’re in fitness. Your entire industry is a story. Use carousel ads to tell a transitional story about someone’s experience, changes and life improvements that came about because of your gym. Each slide has a different picture and URL, giving you the option to add many elements along the way.

carousel ad

The second, and possibly more exciting option available on Facebook for your industry, is the slideshow. The slideshow ad is a more nimble option that shows several images, filtering from one image to the next, but without a URL attached to each “slide.” This option is especially great for users who access Facebook through their mobile devices. Use this option to show your facility, your showers, your rig. Use it to show what differentiates you from the rest of the market.


Moving into Instagram: Is your organization on Instagram? Did you know that you can now, officially, promote your content, but with the same targeting that you utilize on Facebook? That means you can target income, background, interest, location, education, etc. Really, the sky is the limit. Instagram ads have been outperforming their social counterparts. It’s a more natural placement, which means your ad doesn’t seem as intrusive as it is on other platforms.

When you create content for this platform specifically for an ad, make sure that your pictures are real. Don’t worry about the polish and the pomp, but instead focus on telling real stories with realistic images. Take pictures of your employees and ask them about what motivates them. Challenge them to provide a daily tip, pick the most engaging picture to promote and tap into a platform of advertising that is the most underutilized to date.


Milena Regos
Milena Regos is the founder of Out&About Marketing, an award-winning strategically integrated digital communications agency. Milena received her B.A. in Marketing from the American University in Bulgaria and has a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from the United States International University in San Diego, California. Milena is a passionate skier, paddleboarder, mountain biker, yogi and traveler. For more information, visit www.outandaboutmarketing.com or connect with her on Twitter @milenaregos.