Up-to-Date on Equipment

Are you budgeting for equipment?

Your Box is nothing without its barbells, rig and other equipment. So, it’s key to keep it all in tip top shape. Box Pro asked CrossFit St. Louis’ JoAnna Dettmann for advice when it comes to updating one’s equipment.

Box Pro: When is it time to update your equipment?

JoAnna Dettmann: We try to maintain our equipment for longevity. Rowers and bars get frequent attention to keep them working well. There are a number of items that wear out however. We inventory quarterly and replace aging equipment in a needs triage manner. The items that are showing the worst wear get replaced first. In this way, we are able to keep quality products on the Box floor at all times.

BP: How do you decide what to update first?

JD: Again, we triage needs. Fortunately, in a large Box we have built a good base of equipment. We need nothing at this point beyond replacement of things that break or wear out. Our biggest expense? Slam balls, ropes and walls balls, in that order.

BP: What are the biggest problems you’ve faced when it comes to updating the equipment in your Box?

JD: Initially, we had issues because we needed so much. Determining what was the right spend and just how much we could afford was challenging. Now, we budget for replacement and stick within that budget. We also designate funds from competitions we host to “equipment special needs” in order to soften the blow of “luxury items.”

BP: How do you budget for this update? Have any good tips?

JD: Like any budget, it’s only as good as your level of discipline to live within it. In our Box, we budget only 3 percent of revenue to equipment at this point, but it wasn’t always that way. For our first two years, every left over dollar after operational expenses was plowed back into equipment. It was painful, but we are so much better off for it today.

BP: Any other tips or advice for Affiliates on this topic?

JD: Equipment is like candy. You will always want it. Developing programming around what you have to offer is key. Don’t worry about trying to be the most diverse programming Box because of the cool toys you’ve collected. Program for excellence using the equipment you have. Expand to new things only when you have sufficient levels of the equipment you already have to satisfy your fullest WOD class.


Photo by Paul Nordmann

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.