Turn-Key Nutrition Solution for Your Business

nutrition solution

Gym owners share two common concerns: how to get more customers and how to keep the customers they have. With research showing member retention is dependent upon client results, nutrition is key to have firmly in place. Obesity rates are climbing and gyms are in a prime position to be a “one-stop-shop” for their members and prospective members who don’t know where to turn for help.

It has been reported in the New York Times and other reliable sources that the American Health Care system is gearing up for a more palliative approach to treating obese patients, and they are looking to the fitness industry to close this gap. Understanding sustainable success comes from a lifestyle approach, combining fitness and nutrition into a synergistic partnership, there is no better time to include a nutrition solution into your services. Gyms offering everything a client needs to be successful know first-hand that client retention is 50 percent or higher than their competitors who don’t have the “one-stop-shop” mentality.

Do you need a nutritionist or registered dietitian on staff to fulfill this? Not necessarily. In order to be called a “turn-key solution,” one has to offer every aspect to ensure all needs are met. So, consider looking for a nutrition program partner who can, in partnership with the gym, act as an educator for the gym’s staff and offer the backing of the professional titles required in most states.

Gone are the days of hand-writing nutrition programs one at a time. Unnecessary are the generic eating plans that are not met with enthusiasm. Customers are much more educated and savvy about nutrition nowadays. They know the difference between customized or computer-generated diet/eating programs.

Gym owners are looking for ways to make more money per square foot, and by having multiple profit centers under one roof, such as nutrition, is akin to opening a second business within the same four walls.

People are conditioned to pay for things they value, and they value someone who can provide a solution to reaching their health-related goal. It’s not sales when you are delivering something you believe in and would do yourself.


By Carolyn Fetters. She created Balanced Habits to fill the gap in the fitness industry of a practical approach to nutrition. Balanced Habits is not a product-based nutrition solution. Real food, real results. For more information, call 657.231.6779 or email carolyn@balancedhabits.com