Truly Listening with Don Moss and FemSTRONG


Always trying to keep my eyes and ears open to what’s happening in this industry can be challenging.

For starters, I personally don’t own a Box. I have no idea what it takes to run a business like you do day in and day out, Affiliate. It would definitely be easier to feel the changes in programming or staffing or any other small business thing if I had my own gym. But that’s not my dream; it’s yours.

So then, how does the editor of a magazine dedicated to being the business resource for Affiliates and Coaches keep tabs on the industry? Well, I listen.

I listen to owners chat about their successes and failures. I listen to Coaches share their journey and experiences. I listen to vendors talk about their hurdles and ah-ha moments. And because I listen, because Box Pro is dedicated to listening and sharing, I see Affiliates open up. They are honest about their struggles and problems; they share their failures. True, the community of CrossFit itself has cultivated this nature of the small business owner. But I like to think listening helps, too.

My role to listen was no different with Don Moss when we sat down to talk about his new women-only program, FemSTRONG, for the latest episode of Box Talk. Moss had come up with the idea at the 2016 Box Pro Leadership Summit. It started off as the name of a cocktail Moss and his team created in the Sip&Stir event the first night. However, a lightbulb went off and a month later, Moss revealed the program’s new logo. I remember laughing, disbelieving that he had turned a running joke into a real life program.

But he had, and I wanted to hear about it. So, as you listen to the conversation between Moss and myself, really take the time to hear what we’re talking about. Ask questions in your head to email later to Moss or myself. Listen to his advice on creating a specialty program. See what you can glean from the episode.

Too often we simply hear without truly listening. Change that today, Affiliate, and see what great benefit you can draw from that simple change:

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at