TRIIB Launches Fitness & Nutrition Challenges

fitness & nutrition challenges

TRIIB announces its new Fitness & Nutrition Challenges functionality to their all-in-one gym management platform. TRIIB’s fitness and nutrition challenges are a great way to not only engage your members and help them adopt healthier habits, but they are also a great way to grow your business and community. 

What is a Challenge? 

A Challenge is a simple way to engage and motivate your members to work together to achieve a set of daily/weekly/monthly tasks that you assign. The details of your challenge are entirely up to you. Maybe the challenge is to eliminate sugar for 30 days, or maybe it is a bit more broad. For example, maybe you ask your members over the span of your challenge to follow the Paleo diet, check into class four times every week, drink 64 ounces of water per day and complete 1,000 walls balls.

It’s simple. You create, manage and even promote your own custom challenge with TRIIB, and your community logs their daily and weekly progress in the TRIIB app. This means throughout the lifespan of the Challenge tracking progress is uncomplicated. If you desire, you can set up and charge a sign-up fee for each participant to enter your challenge.

The advantages of running your own Fitness & Nutrition Challenges for your business and community are endless. They are also a great way to invite new prospects in the door to check out your gym, and they represent a phenomenal way to strengthen your overall gym community.

“Nutrition and fitness challenges have been the kickstart members need to simultaneously change their nutritional lifestyle and meet other members of the gym. Challenges bond members in their struggles, so they don’t feel alone, and provide the necessary motivation and structure everyone needs to adopt healthier habits,” said Erika Snyder, the head Coach at CrossFit ONE Nation in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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