TRIIB Coaches Corner Programming Tool

Coaches Corner

The fastest growing and popular CrossFit software TRIIB has gotten even more user-friendly and powerful. TRIIB recently added Coaches Corner to its arsenal of gym community features, and it’s one of the most versatile high-performance programming tools on the market.

TRIIB has taken the CrossFit gym community by storm the past six months by offering an outstanding product software solution that simply meets the needs of gym owners, Coaches and athletes. It’s super easy to use and loaded with features that Coaches and athletes love.

This can’t be true, right?

Triib alleviates many day-to-day gym management challenges by seamlessly becoming the center of your gym workout communications, member billing and CRM – bringing your Triib together under one unified platform. Coaches Corner is just another example of how Triib can simplify your programming tasks, your member’s experience and build a stronger community though communications.

So what’s this Coaches Corner all about?

Coach’s Corner puts you and your Coaches in the driver’s seat with the most complete set of workout programming and communication tools to date. It’s the powerhouse behind Triib’s Community Connect Feature Set, which is an integrated communications platform across all the Triib user channels. Hence, Coaches Corner is like having one remote control for your integrated website blog, in-gym TV Screens and the Triib app.

Ever wish there was just one seamless tool to plan your programming, communicate to your members the day’s workout, update your blog, and allow your members to enter their performances and communicate with one another? Well, by using our new Coaches Corner programming tool in Community Connect you can.

  • Coaches can program the day’s workouts and blog posting from within Triib – deciding what information will appear on the channel they choose and how it will appear.
  • Members can post their results on their profile on Triib, on your site’s blog, on the Triib app and on the gym’s TV screens. And the results will be saved to their profiles and reflected across the platform in your Blog and various Leaderboards.
  • Members can like and comment on their peers’ performances and these comments are also reflected across the platform, too.

If you would like to learn more about how Triib can help your CrossFit gym, please contact us at We’d be more than happy to learn about your gym needs and walk you through a brief demo.