How Trees and Additional Revenue Streams Connect

additional revenue streams

As a tree grows, its roots and branches spread.

Both stretch out, the roots looking for unreached soil and the branches desiring as much sunlight as possible. If a tree grew and neither the branches nor roots grew with it, the tree would probably soon die, unable to support itself. While a few roots and branches suffice in the beginning, as it grows and competes with the other trees, it must continue to produce and adapt, or die.

Interestingly, I think this parallel fits well with the Affiliate and my conversation I had with Jamie Gallagher on Episode 24 of Box Talk. Now, there is a debate going on where one side thinks doing only CrossFit is the key to success. Others say to add on other programs like Wil Vicinus talked about in Episode 23. While Gallagher and I mostly chatted about additional offerings in the gym, the main point was to add and expand additional revenue streams. Those could be expanding your programming, or even looking to other sources like hosting kid parties – which Gallagher does do!

Like a tree trying to grow big and tall, eventually you will reach a member cap in your regular CrossFit classes. You’ll hit a rock wall in the direction your roots were always expanding. If you don’t turn and go a different direction, you might find yourself one day in dry soil, stuck and unable to go anywhere.

Yes, CrossFit is your bread and butter, but if you are truly looking to grow your business into something successful, you might need to start thinking about additional revenue streams. In the episode below, Gallagher and I dive into his thoughts on programs being a-la-carte, as well as how additional revenue streams can increase quality coaching and membership experience. Just listen and process; I’m not saying start a new program today. But what I am saying is start to think what else your gym can offer in order to improve your business, better your clients and ultimately, change the world.

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