Training Officers


When the New Haven Police Department wanted to take their training for sworn in officers and recruits to the next level, not only did they outfit their training facility with all new Rogue equipment, they first called CrossFit Milford.

“We have to assess the recruits, figure out who has [movement] problems, who has squatting problems, who has upper back tightness, and which athletes don’t [have those problems.] From there, we build a program based around the recruits,” explained Jason Leydon, the Affiliate of the Box in Milford, Connecticut.

The police department reached out to Leydon about a year ago, but had to get the proper funding from the city of New Haven to outfit the police department’s new training facility. After they received funding, however, the department had to open up the chance to run the training program through a bidding process.

Leydon explained any time a city department launches a training program, it is required they open up the opportunity to all businesses. Any businesses in the New Haven area were then able to bid, based on their requirements, to train the city’s police.

Ultimately, the police department went with their first call: CrossFit Milford. “Because we’re the best,” joked Leydon. “I think the requirements they were looking for fit what we had available — from physical therapists to nutritionists, everything being underneath our umbrella. They didn’t have to put in multiple bids. We could provide all the coaching and the level of coaching and the staff to help accomplish what they wanted to accomplish.”

Not only does CrossFit Milford provide fitness training based on the recruit’s fitness level, skills and weaknesses, but the Box’s physical therapists and nutritionists speak to the officers about proper nutrition and how to avoid injury on the job.

For the past eight weeks, CrossFit Milford staff have gone to the New Haven Police Department’s training facility three days a week, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Though he is training the officers for free and it was three months of work before he could actually start training policeman, Leydon thinks the opportunity has been worth his time. “I just love doing what I do. Being in a position where we can help out people who help us, being in a position where we could give back and help the New Haven Police Department, help them become one of the best units in the state of Connecticut, I think that’s what drew me to it,” said Leydon.

Training the police department is one of Leydon’s passions. And he would encourage other Affiliates to find their passion in their own local community. “Too often … people wait for opportunities to come to them. I think you just have to figure out what your passion is and where you want to take your business and what kind of opportunities you want to have,” he said. hen you have to go out and actively get them.”

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.