Top Revenue Streams from 5 Affiliates

revenue streams

Selling products and services outside of your core membership costs is a win-win situation for all involved. You are offering a new, shiny object for your clients while hopefully growing your bottom line. But what should you offer? How do you know if it will work? What can make it better?

Five Affiliates from across the country have weighed in on this topic — sharing what works at their gyms and how they are growing these unique revenue streams to sustain their Box for years to come.

Jamie Gallagher, Owner of CrossFit Burke

Greatest Ancillary Revenue: Personal training (PT).

Why? We start every athlete’s journey with us with PT during their one-on-one consult and intro class, followed by the 30-day on ramp that includes five PT sessions, before they can join the classes. PT is built into our culture as a service to help our athletes reach their goals.

What importance do you put on this area of your business? My staff has been trained to use PT as a means to help our athletes improve their performance. Many of our PT clients have a CrossFit membership. Training the staff on how to approach athletes on doing PT starts with a goal-setting meeting. We want to be sure we know 100 percent what their goals are and then present a plan on how to get there. Ultimately, the relationship we have built becomes even stronger.

How are you aiming to grow this area? We are rolling out a small group option. This will be a CrossFit membership with four small group sessions included. Each small group session will have no more than four athletes in the group. The athlete will be able to choose what Coach they want to work with on any given week. Our Coaches will have availability at various times where the athletes can sign up for the session. Athletes who do not have the small group membership will be able to pay a premium drop-in fee for a session. We believe the small group sessions will help our athletes, help bridge the PT gap and have athletes actually switch over to full-blown PT sessions.

Abby McDonnellOwner of Beer City CrossFit

Greatest Ancillary Revenue? Supplemental items like protein drinks, bars and shirts.

Why? Because of our location and gym name, we have lots of tourists who will come to our location specifically for the shirt.

What importance do you put on this area of your business? We make sure to keep the refrigerator stocked on a weekly basis, charge on a weekly basis and restock shirts as soon as they are running low. The profit margins on these items are sometimes up to 70 percent, so we make sure to stay on top of it.

How are you aiming to grow this area? We are currently ordering samples in alternative protein supplements, like vegetarian options, to appeal to a larger demographic of our members — hopefully increasing revenue in sales.

Angelo Sisco, Owner of O’Hare CrossFit

Greatest Ancillary Revenue? Nutrition program.

Why? It doesn’t matter if you’re a housewife or Games competitor. This is a subject that comes up and needs improving for 99 percent of the population.

What importance do you put on this area of your business? Next to CrossFit classes, nutrition is our gym’s next priority. This not only provides an additional revenue stream, but it gets our clients results, which helps every facet of our business and has proven to increase length of time our members stay with us.

How are you aiming to grow this area? We have the following initiatives in place: Weekly social media content. Bi-annual nutrition seminars and challenges. Free nutrition consults with all new members.

Thomas Baker, Manager of CrossFit Sanitas

Greatest Ancillary Revenue? Body work and sports therapy services — massage therapist specialized in functional movement, sports acupuncturist and a physical therapist specializing in running analysis and injury prevention.

Why? A great rule of thumb is for every hour of training you complete, you should dedicate an hour to self-care. Having a dedicated staff of therapists has allowed more of our athletes to access this self-care in a more efficient and targeted manner. We’ve hired the best therapists we could find and our athletes’ results are the testament to why this is such a major revenue generator for us.

In what ways do you showcase this area of your business? A free Functional Movement Screen for new members. A meeting with each of your specialized therapists. Frequent events showcasing therapists in low-pressure environments. Discounted services to all Coaches and staff.

How are you aiming to grow this area?  We’re working toward incorporating our therapists into the initial process for new members far more. So ideally, every new person coming in understands these resources are available and very accessible. Professional signage — we use chalkboard art — and continual promotion on our blog and social media are also very important for the success of these programs going forward.

Above all, making the therapists actively involved in the process is the most important. We have great incentive programs based on the number of sessions performed, so they’re motivated to stay busy and we continue to develop these with the therapists themselves. The therapists will even write blogs that not only promote their services, but also provide value to the athletes on how to keep themselves healthy and strong.

CJ Martin, Founder of Invictus

Greatest Ancillary Revenue? Online program subscriptions and remote coaching.

Why? We’ve spent well over $200,000 over the last nine years educating our team of Coaches who design programs to suit the needs of our clients. We educated ourselves to establish an area of expertise to better assist members of our community to reach their goals, and we’ve been very successful in doing so. The larger community sees the success of our competitive CrossFit athletes. What doesn’t get the same recognition is the countless working professionals who have worked with our remote coaching team to improve their fitness and vitality to be better parents, spouses and co-workers.

What importance do you put on this area of your business? We spend significant resources to continue to improve the services we can offer to our online followers. From continuing education to website upgrades, it requires a lot of our attention.

How are you aiming to grow this area? We will be launching a new website in early 2018 that will greatly improve the user experience and make it easier for members of our online community to interact with us and their training partners. We also have several new programs we’re excited to launch in 2018.

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