Top Read Stories of 2018

top read stories

Curious about what you all read the most in 2018?

We were! The below list is the top 10 most-read stories on Box Pro’s website throughout the entire year of 2018. The stats are based on pageviews in Google Analytics. Some are from 2018; some are from several years ago. All still have applicable information for your business today. 

Check out the below list and see if any of them spark a new fire under your business:

1. How to Open a Box

Jason Khalipa, Juliet Starrett and Ben Bergeron all weigh in on opening their respective Affiliates. As a bonus, Adam Sturm of CrossFit Outbreak shares seven steps to a start up. Read it here.

2. Cleaning Tips for Your Gym Floor

Are you wondering what the best way is to keep your Box clean and business coming in? Factory Cleaning Equipment gives eight tips for cleaning your gym mats. Read it here.

3. 10 Podcasts Affiliates Should Stream

Consider setting aside time to listen to these 10 podcasts that could not only help your business, but aid in coaching strategies as well. Read it here.

4. What’s Your Vision, Mission and Purpose?

Besides having systems that run your business, you need something that guides what you do and why you do it. And that is your vision, mission and purpose statement. Read it here.

5. CrossFit MDL1s are Networking Medical Doctors

On October 5, 2018, a CrossFit MDL1 was hosted at the Ranch in Aromas, California. Basically, it’s the L1 geared toward doctors. The goal is to reach into the medical community and give them the tools of functional fitness/medicine. What’s your role as an owner? Read it here.

6. How the 6-Week Challenge at CrossFit Peabody Brings in New Members

Started to overcome the intimidation factor, CrossFit Peabody is using its 6-Week Challenge program to bring in new clients. Read it here.

7. What’s in Your Layout?

Six gym owners open up their gyms and reveal the layout of their spaces, showcasing what makes them unique, how they think about flow and what is important when it comes to layout out their facilities. Read it here.

8. Coaches Are Employees, Not Contractors

In this blog by Juliet Starrett, who is both an Affiliate owner and an attorney, the debate of “Are CrossFit Coaches employees or contractors?” is discussed. Read it here.

9. Deciding on a Kettlebell Certification

Wherever it came from, it is safe to say gyms and Boxes have taken ahold of the kettlebell and implemented it into their workouts. With that said, perhaps a kettlebell certification is a piece of continuing education you and your Coaches should consider. Read it here.

10. You Can’t Sell CrossFit Like It’s 2008 Anymore

In Stuart Brauer’s opinion, too many Affiliate owners are stuck operating in the past.  He gives a list of things to think about to see if you’re one of them. Read it here.

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