Top Read Stories of 2017

top read stories

The Box Pro Team and its contributors produced a whole lot of content in 2017 — and every year since starting. However, the analytics tell the real story, and that is you are reading it.

Below is a list of 10 of the top read stories in 2017, based on data. Some of them go back to 2014, but they are still hot items for our readers! From honest blogs and cleaning your gym floor to growing your business, the range of topics is broad. Hopefully something spikes your interest:

  1. Confessions of a CrossFit Gym Owner
    Blogger Charlie Sims is a gym owner in Kentucky. He gets real with five trains of thought on what owning a CrossFit Box is really like. Read it here.
  2. Cleaning Tips for Your Gym Floor
    Need tips on how to clean your gym mats efficiently and effectively? Eight exist in this article, helping you keep your Box squeaky clean for all of those members. Read it here.
  3. How to Open a Box
    Three weathered Affiliates share what you need to know when opening a CrossFit gym. Plus, CrossFit Outbreak gives seven steps to a start-up. Read it here.
  4. 10 Podcasts Affiliates Should Stream
    Do you love listening to podcasts on your way to the gym or while you’re scrubbing the floor? Here is a list of 10 shows you should check out in order to continue your education on the cheap. Read it here.
  5. You Can’t Sell CrossFit Like it’s 2008 Anymore
    We don’t always like change, but it’s time for it in the industry. Blogger Stuart Brauer paints two camps: what the business looked like in 2008 and what it needs to look like now. Read it here.
  6. 7 Things You Should Not Have in Your Box
    Blogger Ron Del Duca, owner of CrossFit Mayview, gives a list of seven things Affiliates need to stop doing in their Box. He starts with roaming pets and ends with obscene music. Read it here.
  7. Coaches are Employees, Not Contractors
    Juliet Starret gets real in this blog she wrote for Box Pro. Discussing the issue of whether to label your Coaches as employees or contractors, she dives into how they should be classified and what the consequences are if you’re caught misclassifying. Read it here.
  8. How Does Your Box Layout Flow?
    In this story, Mark Khamboonphet shares how he has set up his gym, CrossFit Forney, to flow the best. One key tip to find the best layout is to have a clear vision of what your Box looks like now, and what it looks like in the future. Read it here.
  9. The McDonnells and a WOD Pirate
    Abby and Jeremy McDonnell, along with their three gyms, were the cover story for the May/June 2017 issue of Box Pro. They tell their tale of regional growth, of staying true to the grassroots of CrossFit and of how to succeed amidst it all. Read it here.
  10. 5 Ways to Grow Your CrossFit Box and Business
    In Robby Blanchard’s blog for Box Pro, the Box owner dives into five tips an Affiliate can use immediately to grow his or her business. Whether it’s email marketing or just starting to delegate tasks, his advice is real and usable. Read it here.

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