Top 10 Reasons Every Box Needs an Airdyne


The classic workhorse everywhere, the Airdyne Pro is a must-have at every Box to fuel CrossFit regulars who enthusiastically push themselves and seek more challenge. In fact, Men’s Health named the Airdyne “the best value fan bike on the market,” noting “it’s great for tough interval work.” An eternal favorite, here’s how the Airdyne offers valuable variety, ease of use and a compact footprint to invigorate WODs:

  • Low-impact, total-body. With all the high-impact movements in CrossFit, a low-impact fan bike helps exercisers better manage stresses on their bodies so they can stay healthy and minimize risk of injury – and therefore can keep making gains and coming back. Traditional stationary bikes, treadmills and stairclimbers only work the legs, but the Airdyne requires the entire body for superior conditioning.
  • Greater return on energy investment. One of the best features about the Airdyne is its infinite resistance, making workouts as hard or easy as preferred for custom intensity. With its unique 26-blade performance fan and responsive, single-stage belt drive, the bike converts an exerciser’s maximum effort into generating resistance. Other fan bikes use two-power, chain drive transfer systems that lose energy in the transfer process.
  • More watt power. Exercisers can produce more watt power on the Airdyne than other fan bikes at the same RPM, which means increased intensity, additional calories burned and better results.
  • Upper-body isolation. MultiGrip handlebars offer horizontal and vertical hand placement options to target different muscles, and stationary, anti-slip foot pegs offer traction for upper-body-only blasts.
  • Calibration technology. It’s simple to calibrate the Airdyne before each ride to precisely track power output.
  • Versatile. New HIIT programs and custom interval workouts drive anaerobic training. Or simply hop on for warm-ups, interval bursts or cooldowns.
  • Intuitive and safe. Just get on and go. A smart inertia drive facilitates smooth, safe transitions from sprints to stops.
  • Accommodating. The Airdyne meets the needs of beginners to elite athletes, as well as those recovering from an injury.
  • Customized comfort – In the midst of grueling WODs, exercisers appreciate the cushioned seat – even if they don’t use it much. Multiple fore/art and seat height positions, along with biomechanically correct positioning, help deliver optional leg placement with each pedal stroke.
  • Ultimate durability. This time-tested icon is built to withstand punishing beatings over and over. With solid, heavy-duty construction, the Airdyne has a double-coated steel body, a moisture-repellent frame and four contact stability levelers for extra support.