Tools for a Successful Nutrition Program

nutrition program

When you look at an established nutrition program, it can be challenging to identify what it took to get to that point. The program has consistent clients, five times return on investment and hundreds of success stories. However, all of these programs started somewhere. The tools to run a successful nutrition program are not out of reach for anyone.

Before jumping into the physical tools you need to start the program, it is important to have a vision for your nutrition program. The vision is what will drive the Coaches and clients to success when using the tools to implement the actual program.

After developing your vision, there are basic tools needed to function in the day-to-day of the program. These tools, which do not require a large investment, can support the growth of a profitable program:

1. A tracking system for your clients.

Even if you don’t currently have a nutrition program in place, it is important to test biometrics on a client when they first start with you. At CrossFit HSN, we had a client who did not initially purchase a nutrition package. He trained for six months, then decided to dial in the nutrition. One year later, he has lost 50 pounds of fat. If we had not taken an initial scan when he first started, we would have no way of knowing the progress that was made over that time period.

2. A way to automate processes.

Between coaching and seeing clients, time can be limited to check in with client’s and let them know that you are there. Having automated emails and text messages can save time and guarantee accountability for clients. We use an app that has allowed us to automate our processes when clients are at various stages in their nutrition journey. It also alerts the nutrition coach when a client may be off track.

3. Resources for your clients to reference.

Having a folder of resources for clients to walk away with supports everything you told them during your meeting together. This should be prepared beforehand with suggested foods and tips.

4. A scheduling system for appointments.

This goes back to the idea of automation to maximize your time. You don’t want to spend hours doing appointment reminders or rescheduling missed appointments. While this might seem like a basic tool, it can be the most practical. Acuity is one resource for scheduling appointments.

5. Biometric tools for tracking progress.

Measure Tape: Measurements are one of the quickest ways to show progress for nutrition clients. Inches decrease faster than weight and body fat.

Scale: The scale will track weight throughout the process.

Body Fat Machine: It is important to measure body fat percentage because the scale does not tell the whole story. This allows the client to see the body fat loss, as well as muscle growth. An OmRon is a basic tool to test body fat percentage. At HSN, we use an InBody, which is a more comprehensive tool testing weight, body fat and muscle mass, as well as basal metabolic rate. The goal is to keep your measurement tool consistent. *Calipers are not recommended, as is inconsistent between Coaches and can be uncomfortable for clients.

A successful nutrition program is not out of reach. The investment up front is minimal compared to the possible return on investment. Don’t allow the idea of starting a new program within your gym seem so daunting that you are missing out on an additional revenue stream and an improved experience for your clients.

​Nicole Aucoin is a registered dietitian and founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN, and HSN Mentoring. ​HSN Mentoring i​ s the largest nutrition-business mentoring program in the world. Helping over 2,000 gym owners and Coaches worldwide, HSN provides a turn-key solution to gym owners looking to take their nutrition program and offerings to the next level. Nicole has a podcast, G​ row Your Nutrition Business Podcast​, where each week she interviews fellow thought leaders in the community and provides actionable steps to help you build your business. Healthy Steps Nutrition is releasing a new stand-alone nutrition coaching course, which is a C​rossFit Preferred Course​, Basics of Nutrition Coaching, on August 18.