To Avoid Burnout, What’s Your Thing?


I think honesty is one of my favorite attributes that seems to exist in most Box owners.

At least it does in my conversations with them. I’ve had more confessions, more real talk, with Box owners than any of my other sources. They are passionate people who are not afraid to share their hardships. Of course, there are always exceptions to a rule, and perhaps my experience is different being an editor of an Affiliate resource publication. But all in all, honesty is a reoccurring quality.

Courtney Shoemaker from CrossFit Icehouse is no exception. I first met Shoemaker over the phone after finding a news story about her Viking Yoga event. Then I got to meet her at the 2017 Box Pro Leadership Summit. And yet, I still learned more about her upon sitting down for the latest Box Talk episode.

You can hear the surprise in my voice when she tells me she is going skydiving. I initially thought she was joking, or simply using an extreme example. But she explained it well why skydiving is a release from her: there’s nothing else you can think about when you launch yourself out of a plane or you will die.

While Shoemaker’s hobby might not be your cup of tea, I think the idea behind it is one you should take. Affiliate, burnout is prevalent in this industry. I’ve talked to one too many Box owners who have reached that point. Shoemaker was there as well. She was able to draw back from that edge because she realized she needed to step away and take time for herself.

You are making an impact and changing lives. Your business is part of something incredible. But if you don’t recharge or make time for yourself, you’re going to burnout. You need to find your thing that will keep you sane, even if it’s a little insane like skydiving.

Listen to this episode, hear where Shoemaker has come from in terms of burnout and then go find your thing. It just might save your business.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at