‘Tis the Season to Give Back

Give back with your space.

When you walk into most CrossFit gyms, you’ll find wide-open space. There might be a rig front and center, but there’s typically a lot of space around the piece of equipment. Which means it is an ample space to use to give back.

Recently, I was chatting with an Affiliate who, in my opinion, made an exceptionally good point about all that space. On the weekends, he’ll often rent out his Box to organizations holding fitness competitions. In February, he’s hosting a huge power-lifting event. Plus, his Box puts on about nine large-scale competitions a year. Despite the extra work, the Affiliate said it’s extra revenue for his Box he wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Although that might seem like a scary proposition – renting out your precious Box to people who might not hold it in the highest regard ­– it’s something worth considering for the additional revenue. After all, most Affiliates have their Boxes sit empty Saturday and Sunday.

If nothing else, think about how your space can be used in light of the holiday season. Sure, that annual Christmas party is going to be a hoot and will hopefully bring your community closer together. But what about looking beyond your immediate CrossFit family and into the surrounding community?

I’ve talked to quite a few owners who have held fundraisers, Toys for Tots drives, competitions like CrossFit Ilium and WOD for Water Troy, etc. that are all impacting the community in a positive way. Perhaps you could host a potluck and invite those in need. Or, maybe it’s time to bring in the folks from the retirement home for a day of fitness. Could you partner with the local school district somehow?

All around us, there are people in need and ways we can help them out. Ask around your Box and your member base; they might have some great ideas on how to give back. Or contact local organizations that you think you can successfully partner with.

There’s always some way to give back in your local community, but you might not know about it yet. Just take a look, ask around and find out how you can help out locally.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.