Tire Flip 180

Tire Flip

Flip your way to fit with the all new Tire Flip 180 from Impact Fitness! Do you incorporate tire training into your client’s workouts? Would you like to but just don’t have the room? Tire training has been around for years and is undeniably a great way to get fit. Tire training combines strength, power, cardio and agility all in one workout. The problem is that tires take up a lot of room and it’s often unsafe to have a huge tractor tire moving around the gym. What if you could get all of these benefits without the risks and without the need for a lot of space? Now you can!

The all new Tire Flip 180 provides all of the benefits of tire training in a patented space saving design. In just 20 square feet of space you can give your clients an exciting and effective workout like they’ve never experienced before. Flip it, hit it, jump on it! Anything you can do with an actual tire you can do with the Tire Flip 180 because it is a real tire. Check it out today at www.impactnowfitness.com.