Tips for Managing Your Box’s Open

How are you preparing for the Open?

The Open can be a fun time for everyone in the CrossFit community. Not only does it bring the competitive nature of CrossFit to an all-time high, but it creates excitement around the sport in general.

At your Box, you’re going to have people of all different skill levels looking to try out for the Open. It’s important that you use this time to continue teaching, but also allow the Open to build a buzz around all of your members.

Tamaryn Barber, the general manager of commercial locations for NorCal CrossFit suggested, “Include the Open Workouts in the workout [of] the day, that way you get more participation. Have clear scaling options so that everyone can be part of it regardless if they have officially entered or not.”

This year for Open contestants they will need to be judged by Coaches and Affiliates that have received the online Open judging certification. For everyone else, “Make the athletes judge each other,” explained Barber. “It keeps them involved in the workout for longer than just their turn and creates a fun, motivating environment.”

NorCal’s Coaches will sign up for the $10 Open Judging Course and then NorCal reimburses them. Prior to the Open, NorCal knows who will seriously be competing. “… We usually have all those people do the workout at the same time so they can judge each other,” Barber explained. “We expect them all to have their judges certificate.”

In order to record all the contestants, clocks and specifications NorCal places GoPro cameras throughout the facility. “They can capture two to three athletes at a time from different angles,” said Barber. “Computers work great in a pinch. Make sure the battery life is going to last the distance. I would say whatever you have at your disposal that works.”

With the Open just around the corner, it’s time to get your members ready, regardless if they are competing or not. Use this time to create excitement that will carry everyone in your Box through the rest of the year and back around to the next Open.


Photo by Joe Budd

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.