Time to Organize


“I would say the biggest tip I can give when it comes to organization is you just have to be a decision maker and a boss,” said Robby Blanchard, the owner of CrossFit Reach in Acton, Massachusetts. 

Keeping your Box organized might seem as simple as rearranging equipment, but when it comes down to it, there’s tons of thought and work going on behind closed doors. For Blanchard, over the past six years of owning his gym the biggest keys to organization have been focus and motivation. 

 “At every CrossFit gym they start doing CrossFit classes, and then all of a sudden maybe a member says we should have yoga, then another suggests a mobility class and then another one is like we should have boot camp so then the owner, because they want to please the clients, will start to go down those rabbit holes,” said Blanchard.

However, he explained being great at one thing and staying unique to your own style is best in the long run.

Along with direction, delegation has been another key aspect for Blanchard when it comes to organization. “I think the big game changer for me over the years was learning how to delegate,” said Blanchard. “What I would do in the beginning was run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I would be a control freak.”

As an owner, Blanchard said you should focus on one or two things to push your business forward and outsource the rest. Once he realized the importance of delegation, he sat down and made two separate lists: things he could outsource and things he couldn’t. From there he focused on sales and marketing, and outsourced the remaining tasks.

Blanchard said he also makes a list every day before he leaves the gym. The list consists of tasks that need to be completed the next day. It keeps him on task as he goes about his week and avoiding the shiny object syndrome.

“Like, ‘Ooo look at that over there, I want to start working on that.’ If I stick to a list, I’m able to get a lot more done faster,” said Blanchard. 

It’s also essential to find your magic time, shared Blanchard. “By magic time I mean those one to two hours during the day where you can get the most amount of work done,” he said. “But you want to find something, whether it’s a couple of hours in the morning before your kids wake up or if it’s a couple hours at night – whatever it is that works for you, find your magic time and really protect it. Don’t schedule anything else, don’t have any other distractions and just focus on that, and when you do that you’d be amazed at what you can get done.”

Of course, Blanchard has tools to help him out. For his personal stuff, he uses Evernote, allowing him to create lists and reminders. Slack is an app that gives him the ability to communicate with his six Coaches, sales team and assistant, setting up channels for different discussions and keeping track of what they talked about.

But ultimately, every tool in the world won’t help you stay organized if you don’t know where you’re going. Blanchard said he sets three, six and 12-month goals, as well as five-year goals, for himself. It allows him a bird’s eye view as he captains his ship toward success. “The most important thing is to just be super focused in what you want to do and where you want to go in your business,” he said. “Don’t let distractions or shiny objects or those things get in your way.”


By Hunter Ellis, an intern at Peake Media.