It’s Time to Organize Responsibility

Courtesy of Shutterstock.comYesterday morning a few of us gathered together in our office’s “meeting space” — which consists of a gray sectional, evergreen chair and glass-top coffee table — to discuss some organizational issues.

See, the thing was we were having trouble with “who does what” in various processes. He thought she was doing this job while she thought he was performing this task, while he thought she was in charge of that, etc. Really, it had gotten to a point that was beyond confusing.

Do you ever have this issue in your Box? Maybe George thinks Julie cleans the floor, while Julie thinks Fred cleans the floor and stacks up the boxes, while Fred thinks George cleans, stacks boxes and turns off the lights. Meanwhile, all George thinks he’s responsible for is restocking the bathroom. So, the only thing ever getting done is keeping the toilet paper holder full (not a bad thing of course, but there’s more that needs to be done).

Do you walk into your gym in the morning and throw up your hands in frustration because the lights are still on, the boxes aren’t stacked and there’s a layer of sweat and grim still caked on the floor? Have you gone to your respective Coaches and told them the issue, but nothing seems to be getting done? Perhaps it’s time to call a team meeting, whether it’s your first ever or second of the week.

Responsibility is great, but it needs organization. Your Coaches may be told a list of things they are responsible for, but how are they going to remember all those things, especially when its late and George wants to get home to his lady? With great responsibility comes great organization.

As we sat around discussing the issue yesterday, we decided to assign tasks not to the specific person, but rather the position. So instead of so-in-so doing this list of things, we labeled them as jobs either the staff writer or assistant editor would do. Then, whoever is in the position is responsible for those tasks.

Bada-boom, bada-bing. Organized responsibility.

However, this can be hard when you’re a growing business and roles are changing. Maybe you don’t have anyone in that role that you see eventually taking care of Task A. So, maybe look at where you would eventually want these tasks to fall under. Create a chart or list with the structure of staff you’d like to eventually see at the center of your gym. Divide the tasks to each position. Then, realize you’ve just set a goal and for the time being, make a new chart with who does what.

Maybe your head Coach has to do more than he or she will in the future. Maybe some tasks are picked up by a volunteer. Maybe you get a friend to help you out with this and that. However, you now know what needs to be done. You have a clear picture of where you’re headed.

And every time a new task arises, put it in that chart. Then, don’t just tell someone to do it once; hand them a list and say, “Here is your position’s tasks!”

Clarity of what needs to be done and who needs to do it can work wonders, whether it’s at a media company or growing Affiliate. All in all, it’s time to organize responsibility.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at

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