Throwdown Thursday via Social Media

Throw down Thursday the open

The Open is coming and Box Pro Magazine is featuring unique approaches Boxes use to get members involved in the Open. This is Part Five in our Throwdown Thursday series.

Social media is a tool you need to be utilizing during the Open season. Posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat can help start conversations between members about the upcoming competition. But where do you start and what do you post? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when advertising your upcoming Open competition on your social media platforms:

Get Creative with Hashtags

#intheopen has become a popular hashtag Boxes around the country are using to share stories, market the Open and look at what others are doing to celebrate the competition. Hashtags are going to increase social media engagement with your Box.

CrossFit Veneration has recently posted numerous photos of different members all choosing their own fun and unique pose to show off that anyone can do the Open at their gym. This can be a marketing strategy to convince members that may be on the fence to compete in their first competition.

Post Teasers

Once you are getting members to sign up for the Open, posting teasers of what the competition will entail can create a buzz and start conversations between the members. You could post ways your staff is getting the Box ready for the event, videos or team apparel.

At CrossFit Driving Formations, they posted a picture of their team shirts on their Instagram account to stir an exciting atmosphere at their gym. They put their personal Open hashtag – #werolldeep – on the back to create a teamwork environment.


Showing off unique ways you are getting your Box ready for the event can help members realize this is bigger than just an average weekend competition. Look for ways to show off equipment that might be used in the workouts or a deep clean you do over the weekend so everything is nice and shiny.

EPUC CrossFit took advantage of Dave Castro’s teaser on Instagram that insinuated dumbbells would be part of the first Open workout. They used a screenshot of the post to let their members know they were all set with the number of dumbbells they have at their gym. Then, they took the opportunity to encourage members to sign up if they haven’t already.


Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge of motivation to get people involved. Posting memes of motivational quotes, a new PR a member got or just an uplifting story can get someone to realize the Open should be on their radar.

CrossFit Witham posted a photo with text of examples of excuses people can give for why they can’t compete in the Open. In the caption section they tell the story of a new athlete at their gym who has already signed up for her first Open competition.

Also on the post was the link to sign up for the Open. Putting that invitation out there with each post can save a member the hesitation of another step in the process.

What are you offering at your Box to get your members involved in the Open?

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at